Missing? The Mystery Of The Computer Repair Shop Owner Who Turned Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – In the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post released a series of stories focused on a laptop that allegedly belonged to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

The stories revealed explosive information tying Hunter and Joe Biden to unethical and possibly illegal foreign business dealings. They exposed corruption at the highest level of our government and raised national security issues which the left-wing media outlets largely ignored.

The entire ordeal began at a computer repair shop in New Jersey where the infamous laptop was dropped off but never picked up. The owner ended up looking into the contents of the laptop and after seeing what was on it, turned it over to authorities.

Now, it’s being reported that the computer shop has closed. According to the Washington Examiner, a neighbor told a local news outlet that the repair shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, “skipped town” and the outlet also reported that 10 days before the election, a sign appeared on the shop’s door that said the shop had closed.

The laptop allegedly had evidence of an email that was sent to Hunter Biden from a representative for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma in which he thanked Hunter for the opportunity to meet with his father, who was at the time the Vice President of the United States.

The Biden campaign did not deny the validity of the claims or the contents of the laptop but released a statement saying that Biden’s “official schedule” from that time did not show such a meeting. Of course, this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

An attorney for Mac Isaac, Brian Della Rocca, said that he closed the shop because he was receiving death threats. Is anybody surprised? Della Rocca declined to give any indication of where his client was or if he actually left town at all.

Above: John Paul Mac Isaac, image credit: GoFundMe

After the New York Post’s stories broke, Fox News discovered that the laptop in question was linked to an FBI money-laundering investigation. The Fox report cited documents and law enforcement officials who verified the authenticity though it remains unclear if the investigation had anything to do with Hunter Biden or if it’s even still open.

Della Rocca did say that his office “has spoken in recent weeks with Wilmington FBI agents and with Delaware’s Assistant United States Attorney Leslie Wolf,” though he denied to go into any further detail and said he doesn’t expect Mac Isaac to become “entangled in a potential lawsuit or criminal investigation.”

It really shouldn’t be surprising that Mac Isaac closed up shop and possibly left town. The Biden’s are clearly incredibly powerful and corrupt individuals. They’ve managed to get away with a myriad of corrupt foreign business dealings which has resulted in them making a fortune.

There’s no doubt the Biden’s feel they are above the law, after all, they certainly appear to be. Who knows how far the Biden’s would go to make him pay for turning the laptop over to authorities.

Featured image credit: NY Post

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  1. Pilot and Ken, it’s my take that shop owner Mac Isaac didn’t want to get “Hillary-ed”. Sometimes it’s better to close-up shop and run instead of ending up dead under VERY mysterious circumstances. Andrew Morgan Roberts, William Lavoie and Bob always end up together for h0m0se Xual threesomes under mysterious circumstances….at least that’s their story and they are sticking to it.

  2. Let’s hope he’s gotten some help from our side & is safe. I once would have said the FBI should protect him but not now. Unless we’re wrong, they’ve kept the story hidden for a year before we ever heard of it. Some people on here must want to work from home like Hunter or something. Ya’ll listen, this isn’t what the post is about. Look for stuff in the escort service & in home massage listings. Some other guy got his hands on the wrong lines of the keyboard for the whole post, I couldn’t read a word. Back on subject, maybe some of Trump’s allies are helping this guy.

  3. Who wouldn’t be afraid? The deep state is far deeper than we realized in 2016. Obviously it’s alive and kicking if he’s receiving death threats. Who knew this country would be this upside down. I don’t blame the shop owner for keeping his location unknown.

  4. ed, I hope you’re putting your obvious gifting for irony and sarcasm to good use, sir, somewhere in addition to the comment stream here. PRICELESS!!!!!! Thank you for brightening my “VERY BLACK” Friday!!

  5. I woild call this man a PATRIOT he did the correct thing, But the problem with doing the correct thing IT IS NO LONGER ALLOWED IN OUR COUNTRY, The rest of us need to stand up and with this man, He is now in hiding because he dared to contact authorities and report a possible crime.There is no doubt that his business is destroyed and his life is now in danger and his family as well. I cant help but wonder how much longer will the American people tolerate what is going on in our country?What we are seeing now in America is what one would expect from a third world country. Many years ago a statement came out of Russia that America would never be destroyed by another country that we would destroy ourselves no one paid very much attention at the time, But it sure seems very
    true in todays America.

    • The liberals have been destroying our country for years! Just look at the indoctrinating of our kids that has been going on in our public schools for years! This is also why they want all the kids to go to college so they can complete the indoctrination into socialism! If you check it out you will see that almost all teachers and professors are liberal socialists! And lets not forget the powerful teachers union which is very liberal! And now some of these kids are old enough to vote and guess who they will be voting for DEMOCRATS! We parents have been duped and asleep at the wheel while this has been going on!

  6. Many people have spoken during this Thanksgiving Season of the reasons for their thankfulness. I would like to do the same here. I am deeply thankful for the constitution which reflects the principles in God’s Word and God’s values and President Trump who has worked to restore the constitution as the guidance for government.

    It is easy to see why there is so much irrational hate toward President Trump because he has stood for God’s values as outlined in our laws which is hated by the evil influences that hate the originator of those values. Plain and simple!

    • I would add the end result of a life bent on ignoring the application of God’s values to ones life is illustrated by the life of Hunter Biden and the unabashed miss use Joe Biden has inflicted on this country, other governments where his actions are on trial and his family. When his son died of cancer, Joe Biden raised millions which reportedly he did not give one cent to cancer research, but AII the money went to Obama administration members as “salary” for working on the fund raising.

  7. One day a real reporter with a real American backbone will not give a crap about standing up to these corrupt politicians and there billion dollar communistic breeding, monopolizing corporation owners that I don’t even need to mention.(we all know who they are, let’s not kid ourselves.) So let us hope it is sooner than later. Or all UNDER PRIVALIGED AMERICANS can kiss the 3rd Amendment (the one that holds all the others together) goodbye! This election was never about BLM, Trump, Fraud, Antifa, Political Correctness, Race, Hatred or us everyday citizens or even Covid-19. It was about the 5 wealthiest people in the world (who happen to be Americans, look it up) taking the power of the people away from the people and granting it to themselves by way of dissolving the 3rd Amendment. Without you even realizing it. If you ask me, we just witnessed the Great Silent Coupe pulled of between those five and China in history.


    • Hey Jeanni. BS. I work for a the MEDIA. I know what we were ALLOWED to report on and what we were NOT TO report on. Get your brainwashed head out of your **s and take a real look at the world for once. But have a nice day anyway. FOOL

  8. Selling crack cocaine to Hunter Biden is way more profitable and zero chance of being incarcerated too .. check out Obiden’s campaign for cash @ the DNC website …

  9. Mr. Isaac obviously doesn’t want to meet Obama’s goon squad in the middle of the day nor night folks . It’s a shame a patriot needs to go underground for safety, but we all know the risks dealing with the criminals inside the democrat party .

    • God Bless you, Don!!!! The truth of your comment is PRICELESS!!!!! Thank you for restoring some of my faith that we still have what it will take to commission the God of All CREATION to ASSERT THE CONTROL HE ALWAYS HAS on His creation , and put this nonsense to bed in the pit of hell, where it all belongs!! 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7, Verse 14


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