Mike Lindell Scorches Joe Biden Over Election Totals In Epic New Video

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Mike Lindell, the man behind the MyPillow company, is a true American patriot who has not at all been afraid to stand up to the liberal hound dogs who have been barking at President Trump over the last four years, demonstrating that he is fearless and unafraid of what the radicals might try and do to him for his boldness.

Our nation is sorely in need of more business owners like Lindell. These are the kind of people who can truly make a huge impact for liberty on the frontlines.

A report from Gateway Pundit says that Lindell was recently at the White House for a meeting with President Trump. When he left the meeting he seemed very sure that Trump would indeed be the commander-in-chief for another four years. Lindell himself has been hard at work trying to fight against the wrongs done in this stolen election.

And he’s recently shared some important information with the president.

“This will go down as one of the biggest foreign attacks on our country ever! The evidence will be seen by all and everyone will agree ⁦⁦@realDonaldTrump won by a historical landslide!” Lindell tweeted.

Over the weekend, Mike Lindell conducted an interview with Right Side Broadcasting Network. Not long after the video was posted, YouTube took it down in a blatant act of censorship. As you all know by now, it’s not okay with Big Tech to challenge the official election results. That’s a big no-no.

Thankfully, there are still a few platforms out there that will allow free speech. Like Rumble. RSBN uploaded the video of the interview on the site. Lindell, in the video, tells RSBN that President Trump won 79 million votes to Biden’s 68 million votes. It was a landslide victory.

Lindell states in the interview that he brought evidence to the president to prove he won. The evidence allegedly includes records with IP addresses and full documentation that proves Trump won the election in a big, big way.

It’s unfortunate that so many people have become brainwashed by the leftist media that they aren’t paying attention to the evidence that continues to build in support of Trump winning the election. We’re witnessing an entire election be stolen under our noses. It’s almost unbelievable.

Our nation may never recover from this.

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    • Low iq , have you dated Rachel Levine in the past ? He/she might need an assistant in Obiden’s administration ..wink ..wink .

      That’s if you’re getting out of jail soon …

  1. Here is part of the problem… Americans fighting Americans because they have a different opinion than you. “A house divided cannot stand”. This alone will be our downfall!

    • IQ i guess you can read(maybe) Watch your favorite news network CNN,MSNBC we all know they would NEVER LIE or show any kind of bias, The facts are coming in on your tv everyday, But only one requirement you must be intelligent enough to understand the facts I DOUBT YOU ARE.

    • Low iq watches whatever they have on in the county jail , most likely CNN with all the queers like Cooper and Don lemon.

  2. I find it ironic that we have to petition protest, request our law makers to honor the laws that they have the responsibility to protect. This is oxymoron to have to sign petitions asking our state and federal legislature to honor and protect our rights instead of like Virginia is planning to erase security measures for our election.These people have gone mad and are mentally incapacitated if they do not do as they promised to protect and defend our Constitution.
    The democrats have totally brain washed themselves and have forgotten why they asre in office.

  3. The devistating reality is that in two day the administration and their plan for America which was widely rejected in 2016 will be returning . In this 2020 election President Trump was even more widely supported than in 2016 and was elected with LEGAL votes, but ILLEGAL votes silenced our legal votes and the same corrupted people and the administration that we rejected in 2016 will have power and will return to continue to bleed the country. NON citizens will have priority over citizens and laws will be ignored and the wanton desires of the Obama administration will direct our demise. These people, from the Obama administrationI. if the FBI, DOJ and a congress for the most part, been faithful to their oath the members of the Obama administration would be in jail. Now they are intent as they return to power and control to silence any words of opposition to their Godless administration. This is the reality that we are facing.

    In Virginia the effort to totally destroy the safeguards officially that were ignored in 2020 is being pushed to utterly destroy any hope for the elections to reflect the voice of the legal votes destroying any “Election Integrity”

    “SB 1097 (repeals the requirement for witness signatures when absentee ballots are opened and recorded) and SB 1101 (National Popular Vote) are on the agenda TOMORROW, 1/19/21, in the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee.”
    The tyranny in Virginia expands.

    Senate Privileges and Elections Committee
    Sen. Creigh Deeds (D) – Chairman
    Sen. John Bell (D)
    Sen. Jennifer Boysko (D)
    Sen. Adam Ebbin (D)
    Sen. Janet Howell (D)
    Sen. Monty Mason (D)
    Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D)
    Sen. Ryan McDougle (R)
    Sen. Mark Peake (R)
    Sen. Bryce Reeves (R)
    Sen. Frank Ruff (R)
    Sen. Lionell Spruill (D)
    Sen. Scott Surovell (D)
    Sen. Jill Vogel (R)

  4. This is the best reported evidence that’s been shared yet. The swamp has reached its capacity and is about to overflow into the bay. Quantanimo Bay.

  5. The lesson is the same as before. Numbers do not lie, but corrupted democratic governors and one republican governor has, This lesson is not a new one, but the overt massiveness of the example is new , The numbers do not lie. President Trump won the 2020 election on a massive level with legal votes, but the corrupted leaders in a few states handed Biden the country based on illegal votes. The news that was released today that Georgia had enough illegal votes to give each registered voter 2.5 votes is amazing. What is more amazing and can be corrected, but what is even more amazing is that they won’t and still are handing a totally corrupted Biden administration the country forcing us to undo the good that has benefited the citizens many times over. This good for America is what the corrupted democrats cannot tolerate.

    There are commits here denying the reality that President Trump won They prefer the acidic policies of an administration that is not and will not be prohibited from stealing what ever they want. These people believe in is a created reality born in delusion. These comments are not born in fact. Numbers do not lie but people, but people who drink the kool aid are morally dead and do .

  6. AND Kamala Harris should NOT step in to take his place as she is worse than Obama and is a real viper!!! SHE needs to step down too and that be a condition of any impeachment opf Biden!

    Hey if they can be so forward we will take the mantle and do the same to Biden as he really IS a bad man where President Trump is not.

    We, the People MUST stand for America, Freedom and all we were founded to be…no one else is!!!!!!

  7. where is the doj and the”premiere” law enforcement agency… the fbi????
    totally corrupt agencies who need to be throughly vetted by out side sources and the bad agents arrested…start with Christopher wray..

  8. Chopper you and Mystik”lady” can keep drinking the kool aid of denial all i have to says is where are the facts??? put or shut up you 2 cultists

    • IQ, I guess you are one of those that think TRUMP supporters should be reprogrammed, And forced to belive the HOGWASH that you believe NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN KEEP DREAMING, This is still a free country and WE THE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS, That why i served my country so that even those i totally disagree with still have a voice and are entitled to their opinion. THOSE WITH A CLOSED MIND ARE GURANTEED TO LIVE IN DARKNESS.

  9. We should divide this country (Democrat and Republican) and put up a wall . In 2 years or less, masses would trying to break out of the Democrat side. LMAO – Below are the facts

    Democrat side – dictators, rape, murder and mayhem, gang wars, drugs everywhere, hunger, massive unemployment, no safe place to hide.

    Republican side – fair voting system, no crime, full plates, peace and safety, and jobs jobs jobs – Utopia


  10. It was just announced on OAN that after examination of the data in Georgia here were enough ballots for every registered voter to vote 2.5 times, and they are going to put this poltical mafia leader in the WH at our expense?

    • Those who truly believe the election was stolen through massive and widespread fraud are delusional.

      Those who know that it wasn’t but continue to spread this lie to serve their political ambitions are evil.

    • Yep then you have the Andrew Morgan Roberts of the world who CANNOT see the fraud because they ARE the fraud .


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