Mike Lindell Releases Explosive Documentary Detailing Exactly How The 2020 Election Was Stolen

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – We all know the 2020 presidential election was stolen. We don’t need President Trump to tell us that it was stolen. We can see for ourselves that it was stolen. Nothing about the election made any sense at all.

First of all, we’re all supposed to believe that the guy who ran a virtual presidential campaign from his basement, who is also failing cognitively and barely knows where he is half the time, became the most voted for presidential candidate in US history?

That means he was more voted for than the wildly popular Barack Obama, who won 69 million votes, and the even more popular President Trump who won 75 million votes, that we know about.

President Trump spent the better part of 2020 traveling all around the country holding rally after rally in which tens of thousands of freedom-loving Americans showed up for.

Not only did Americans flock to his rallies, sometimes having to stand outside in inclement weather for countless hours, they showed up in droves to rallies organized by supporters that he wasn’t even involved in.

Did you ever hear about any boat or car parades for Joe Biden? No. Because they didn’t happen. There was no organic momentum among Americans for Joe Biden like there was for Trump because people don’t like Joe Biden. Plain and simple.

Yet, he won 81 million votes. Yeah. Sure.

Then the election happened and it was obvious to tens of millions of Americans that something was not right. President Trump held commanding leads in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia only to end up losing the states after massive ballot dumps during the early morning hours of November 4 among other malicious activities.

Then the allegations of blatant fraud started coming out, cascades of evidence were discovered and hundreds of whistleblowers from around the country gave sworn testimony alleging fraud.

Nonetheless, the leftwing media and the Democrats insisted there was “no fraud” and that it was “the most secure election” in US history.

We know the left is full of liars and MyPillow CEO and avid Trump supporter Mike Lindell claims to have all the proof we need that the election was, in fact, rigged and stolen.

On Friday, Lindell released a two-hour video documentary titled “Absolute Proof” and claims that it contains all the proof Americans need of the fraud and irregularities that affected the outcome of the 2020 election.

You can watch the video below and on a website that Lindell created (it’s being blocked by some software security programs and labeled as containing “malicious content”) and it was also scheduled to play on One America News Network three times Friday.

“Everyone needs to share it with everyone you know, because anyone that sees it, even if it’s nine Supreme Court justices, everyone will say, ‘Wow, this is an attack on our country,'” Lindell said in an interview Wednesday with The Revival Channel on YouTube which has apparently been since removed.

It’s also available to watch here.

Lindell’s video clearly contains the truth about the election otherwise the Big Tech oligarchy wouldn’t be so hell-bent on blocking it for people to see.

Check out the video and remember that the election was stolen in 2020. It wasn’t stolen from President Trump, it was stolen from the American people. Our voices, our votes, and our will were silenced and a usurper now sits in the White House.

Watch the video, share the video and remember the fight is far from over.

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  1. Look at just he first page of the data. In Georgia alone we find well over 50,000 stolen votes…five times the supposed Biden win total. There is the Georgia election fraud and we have not seen the other pages of known thefts.

    If I was defending Trump I would just show this to prove he was on solid ground professing that he was robbed in plain sight. We all saw it as it evolved. Democrats need to be prosecuted, but I see no sign that it is going to happen.

    The game goes on.

  2. Today’s progressive liberal Homocrats will never , never believe the truth , but they sure will buy into their hero Obama’s lies .

  3. im not the whining snowflake who is upset that dear leader is a LOSER!!! and cant accept it and says he has mountains of proof of “fraud” and cant state any proof so suck it WHINER!!

    • A common question from the ill informed progressive liberal trash in our society Low iq .
      Yet , you trash know your EBT balance to the penny. Pitiful little queer man, pitiful indeed .

    • Poor ignorant little queer man. Little wonder you idolize your hero the brown clown obama huh loser ?

      I hope you live long enough to see your hero executed for his crimes . Stay healthy little queer man.

    • Nice to see my little queer man Low iq out of jail making more ignorant comments.

      You spell better with a throat full low iq.

  4. So professional and documented. Looking for reporting on it and can’t find. Thought it is top news and so important for everyone to see. Blackout! Mike and production team, thanks for such a great job! So impressed.

  5. China was most involved, but let us not forget … many, many so called Americans in political office, and those actively sitting as unelected officials are also TRAITORS. The death penalty is what is called for when TREASON is proven.

  6. Two hours of “Absolutely No Proof.” Dead people voting. Felons voting. Double voters. Where’s the list of names that can be checked?

  7. The question for us as a nation, HOW DO WE STOP THE CORRUPTION in our country? FEDERAL Judges and prosecutors wont even bother to look at the evidence and determine if its even exists or not and the Republican Party is a total sham of RINOS AND COWARDS THEIR LACK OF COURAGE IS ASTOUNDING, I personally do not believe JOE BIDEN is a legally elected president but we dont know for sure because the court system will not look at the evidence, The concern we all must have now is every election going forward will be in question, And if the Democrats fullfil their agenda they have planned out for our country going forward, WE ARE FINISHED AS A NATION, EVERY THING IN OUR LIVES WILL BE UNDER THE DIRECT SUPERVISION OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, THERE WILL BE NO ADHERENCE TO THE CONSTITUTION OR THE BILL OF RIGHTS, YOUR LIFE AND MINE WILL BE DICTATED BY THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS IN WASHINGTON BACKED UP BY THE CORRUPT MEDIA. Socialism and communism is now ingrained in our Government and our freedom of choice is hanging by a thread, Remeber this in 2022 and 2024 those in charge now MUST BE DEFEATED.

  8. The evidence is clear and is substantiated by government agents who saw this information BEFORE the election, but high ranking DOJ agents prevented the stopping of the activity of foreign entities from DECIDING our election. Bottom line is CHINA and other enemies PUT BIDEN IN OFFICE.



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