Mike Bloomberg: Employers Should Hire ‘The Best’ Foreigners Instead Of Americans

(Breitbart) – Investor, CEO, and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg says he would allow investors and employers to hire the “the best” workers from around the world instead of Americans.

“This country needs more immigrants and we should be out looking for immigrants,” Bloomberg told the San Diego Union-Tribune on January 5.:

For those who need an oboe player for a symphony, we want the best one. We need a striker for a soccer team, we want to get the best one. We want a farmworker, we want to get the best one. A computer programmer, we want to get the best one. So we should be out looking for more immigrants.

The reporter did not ask Bloomberg to define “best.” But for cost-conscious shareholders and executives, “best” is a synonym for ‘cheaper than Americans.’

“If business were able to hire without restrictions from anywhere in the world, pretty much every [American’s] occupation would be foreignized,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued:

Americans would have to accept dramatically lower earnings, whether they object or not. Not just landscapers and tomato pickers, [because] Indians and Chinese by the millions can do nursing and accounting. There would not be any job that would not see its earnings fall to the global average.

Bloomberg — who has an estimated wealth of $55 billion — is trying to exempt investors and shareholders from the nation’s immigration rules, said Krikorian. For Bloomberg, “immigration laws are not one of those things that should be allowed to interfere in [the growth of] shareholders’ value,” he said.

“It is obviously unprecedented — but this is not obviously different from [President] George [W.] Bush’s ideal immigration plan … [and] he is expressing a pretty standard Republican plutocrat approach to immigration,” he added.

President Bush described his “any willing worker” cheap labor plan in 2004, saying:

Out of common sense and fairness, our laws should allow willing workers to enter our country and fill jobs that Americans have are not filling. (Applause.) We must make our immigration laws more rational, and more humane. And I believe we can do so without jeopardizing the livelihoods of American citizens.

Our reforms should be guided by a few basic principles. First, America must control its borders …

Second, new immigration laws should serve the economic needs of our country. If an American employer is offering a job that American citizens are not willing to take, we ought to welcome into our country a person who will fill that job.

In December 2018, departing House Speaker Paul Ryan echoed Bush’s “any willing worker” goal, saying:

[Immigration reform needs] border security and interior enforcement for starters, but also a modernization of our visa system so that it makes sense for our economy and for our people so that anyone who wants to play by the rules, work hard and be part of American fabric can contribute.

This “any willing worker” idea encouraged Ryan to work closely — but behind the scenes — with pro-amnesty, pro-migration groups.

Many GOP legislators echo this “any willing worker” claim when they declare a “‘legal good, illegal bad,’ approach to migration,” said Krikorian. That mantra is “piously claiming that illegal immigration is bad, but is making [pro-American protections] moot by letting huge numbers of people in legally.”

In contrast, President Donald Trump won his 2016 election on a promise to shrink immigration. Since then, he has forced down illegal migration via Mexico and has largely blocked numerous efforts by business to expand the huge inflow of legal immigrants and visa workers. Trump’s curbs on the supply of foreign labor have helped to force up wages for blue-collar Americans — despite determined efforts by business and investment groups to prevent wage increases.

Bloomberg’s “best worker” pitch is not a problem for the Democrats’ 2020 base of “woke” progressives, said Krikorian:

He is running in the Democratic primary and there is an overlap between the plutocrat assault on national borders and the leftist assault on national borders. They come at the issue from the different starting points but they have the same enemy, which is Americans’ sovereignty. It is not obvious that his [pro-employer] immigration stance is going to be a turn-off to Democratic primary votes.. How different are the specifics of his immigration proposal from [Joe] Biden, Sen. [Bernie] Sanders or [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren?

Biden, Sanders, and Warren endorse wide-open borders as a form of charity towards unlucky foreigners fleeing from home country persecution. For example, a January 5 tweet from Biden said:

Our Statue of Liberty invites in the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Donald Trump has slammed the door in the face of families fleeing persecution and violence.

Bloomberg’s pro-employer view is coherent and likely sincere, said Krikorian.

Bloomberg aspires to a single global labor market, and everything else follows from that. A concern about improving the lot of less-skilled American workers is by definition contrary to that view because there is no such thing as an American labor market. There is only a global labor market. Domestic employers are not thinking about the consequences for people from Pennsylvania when they hire people from Tennessee, and Bloomberg wants that same approach across the entire world.

There is even an altruistic way of viewing that — which I assume guys like this have — that it improves the lot of Hondurans [and other migrants] who are coming here.

The issue is not that Bloomberg and his guys are factually incorrect. It is that their values are contrary to the values that most Americans hold – which is that we have a greater loyalty and obligation to our fellow countrymen than to foreigners. Guys like Bloomberg reject that [obligation] in principle.

But Bloomberg also wraps his economic demand for more immigrants in a progressive-style cultural message.

Bloomberg told the San Diego Union-Tribune that amnesty “is a no-brainer — you give [a] pathway to citizenship to 11 million people.”

In December, Bloomberg said additional immigrants could “improve our culture, our cuisine, our religion, our dialogue, and certainly improve our economy” — but without being asked by reporters which American cultures, cuisines, religions, and dialogues do not meet his standards.

Bloomberg also echoes the Democrats’ claim that the U.S is a diverse “nation of immigrants,” instead of a country built by similar-minded settlers from Europe. “This country was built by immigrants,” Bloomberg said, without noting the role played by Americans and their children.

Bloomberg has long supported greater immigration. In 2013, he joined with the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, to create the Project for a New American Economy. The group of investors and politicians then pushed for passage of the failed Gang of Eight amnesty in 2013.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted the planned “Gang of Eight” amnesty would shift more of the nation’s new wealth from workers to investors.

The flood of roughly 30 million immigrants in ten years would cause Americans’ wages to shrink, the report said. “Because the bill would increase the rate of growth of the labor force, average wages would be held down in the first decade after enactment,” the CBO report said.

But all that cheap labor would boost the profits and the stock market, the report said. “The rate of return on capital would be higher [than on labor] under the legislation than under current law throughout the next two decades,” says the report, titled “The Economic Impact of S. 744.”

For Bloomberg, Krikorian said, U.S. “employers have no greater obligation to fellow Americans than to Hondurans [or other foreign workers] … what Bloomberg is saying is that immigration laws should not interfere with the pursuit of shareholder value [because] employers can hire anyone from anywhere at any wage, period.”



  1. This guy Bloomberg is a hand full of cards short of a full deck. Others (including our Democrats in Congress) are praising a guy who consistently carried out deaths and dismemberments against those that give them their freedom. Check out the list of wounded warriors from this a….hole. Enough is enough. If you truly feel the way you do move to Iran (get the F…ck out of here and get a taste of why those that are Iranians are here and left there… Take Holliweird with you ……..the shit they put out today isn’t worth watching anyway!

    Congrats to Ricky Dene Gervais… Finally, somebody calls out the elite! IT WAS EPIC! You talk about a group of F …ups I lived in LA long enough to see first hand how these idiots are..

    It is about time somebody called out those overpaid primadonna’s!

  2. ‘Sin of Pride’ LITTLE Mike always put money before country. His ‘Sin of Pride’ was a result of his bragging of a guaranteed place in Heaven because of his philanthropy (money). Typical sick Jew.

  3. Just another elite anti American moron. Time and time again they prove to be haters of Americans but somehow people still ignorantly vote for them. The Dems do not have your best interest at heart. They do not want you to succeed. They are hell bent to take your job away from you to make you dependent on the gov’t and to be their peasant. Wake up people, it’s plain as day how these dems feel about you. And it’s not good.

  4. Bloomberg needs to spend more of his money on his run. Wonder if Judge Judy’s support has helped him. Shes must be also losing it.

  5. What a stupid nimrod! No wonder NYC & the state is going down the tubes! And the democruds wonder why they are losing? How in gods goid heaven do we have people like this in power???

  6. Mr. Bloomberg,

    If Hondurans need your guidance so much, please move to Honduras so you can better guide them. Personally, I am for America, and if a Honduran wants to immigrate to the U. S. A. then they can apply, go through the process and if found to be a beneficial addition to the U. S. A., they can be issued a visa. Open borders allow those who are fleeing foreign jails just as easily as they allow those who are fleeing economic chaos in their country. Without a closed border; you can’t sort them out. It appears because you live in a well guarded ivory tower that you can make these ridiculous open borders comments; or are you just trying to stuff the ballot box? That is such a noble move for you.

  7. Dunt ya just love the leftists reasoning skills? Let employers hire cheap imported labor while enacting higher minimum wage laws which only takes jobs and income from American family’s while passing laws to help the unions force more people to be in the unions for their dues which are then used as campaign donations to get more Dims elected.. Then they pass legislation which dumbs down the American students so no student gets left behind and makes sure no one student looks dumber then the harder working students so employers have no clue how hard working the job applicants really are. Then the Dims increase taxes on businesses which are simply passed on to the consumers in the form of higher prices which brings in more sales taxes while making the consumers hate businessmen for perceived price gouging. Keep electing Dims by all means especially Bloomingidiotberg.

  8. Bloomberg may be a smooth talker, but he can’t LIE for shit! This has to be one of the most blatant Democrat vote-getting schemes of all time! If he succeeds, there will never again be an honest election in this country! Voter fraud, by extrapolation, leads to election fraud! America, be advised!

  9. That’s a winning slogan, Bloomberg — “Americans Last” — sure to get you lots of votes.
    Proof, if you need more, that Dems are insane.
    Vote Trump and GOP 2020

  10. I guess when it was said that the liberal voter is stupid it must be true. Just look at how these Democrat elected officials have turn a beautiful state California into a cesspool and same idiot voters keep voting the same incompetent idiots in. Here you have Bloomberg tell these idiots that he would hire immigrants before Americans and these idiots would yell ” ya man go man go”. It’s like when the last administration was reporting how great China’s economy was doing n all their great prosperity. Then on the same page was the report of our high unemployment n millions out of work on welfare or homeless but we were to be happy for China.

    • When all you Americans are working for minimum wage ,you can thank the democrats and bloomberg for your good fortune.

  11. Like Thomas Jefferson said”political parties,paying CON gress,and letting big corporation grow up around you,and you will LOSE YOUR COUNTRY”.
    They should all be hung for TREASON!!!!!
    We should STOP paying CONgress because the money goes down the toilet,because we do not get anything for the money,except what is going on now, HATE TRUMP he might catch them and prosecute them and their families.The ILLEGAL DIRECT TAX(property taxes)for INDOCTRINATION INSTITUTIONS we call schools are nothing but bigger toilets.
    The CONSTITUTION starts out with “WE THE PEOPLE” not we the gov or,the corporation.
    nuff said

  12. The depraved death cult in Islam enjoys support from another death cult – the deniers of the sanctity of human life at all stages – the “globalist.” We are in all out spiritual warfare. 

    The following statement dates back to 1938. Muslim writers say, “When the locust swarms darken vast countries, they bear on their wings these Arabic words, “We are God’s host, each of us has 99 eggs, and if we had 100, we should lay waste to the world and all that is in it.”

    I put the onus on globalists because they have goals counter to life that parallel those of radical Islam in terms of outcome. For the globalist, it is to rule a world with an 80% reduced human population – “to save the planet” while enriching the greedy with climate change mandates.

    For the jihadi (Or, as I say, Jihad Squad), it is to rule the world under Islam and Sharia. Jihadis and globalists may cooperate in a strange way today just as bankers finance both sides of wars, but they cannot co-exist.

  13. I agree with Patrick. I’m 65 and still working, and I hate how my children’s pay has been held down by foreign workers, even in scientific fields and jobs. Hell, the surfeit of H1B holders has also held down my own pay over the years. NEVER vote for Democrat scum!

  14. This anti-America sentiment by Bloomberg seems to be prevalent among the socialist-dems. They seem to be against all of our values which is why I want to reelect Trump; he might be our last hope against socialism.

  15. This sounds like a very Anti-American stance. Did he run his businesses like this?? The hell with American workers??? “Bloombrain” is advocating for cheap, illegal labor over American workers and those who will send his wages out of the country and not help our economy. He is sounding like one of his NYC cohorts-the Bronx Bolshevik.

  16. Before it’s too late people…vote these anti-American Democrats out of office, and then run them and their brain dead supporters out of the country on a rail!

  17. Maybe we should deport this worthless piece of garbage to some Third World Hell Hole where he can spend the rest of his days rotting away in a mud hut! Since Leftist like him want to crap all over the American worker, I have a really great deal; for every foreign worker we take, we get to send their country of origin a worthless, Leftist piece of crap like Doomberg.

  18. I have two grandchildren. I started paying taxes in 1965 working in a dress factory sweeping floors 3 hours a day before school. I continued to work and pay taxes and now I’m 68 years old and I’ll still work full time until I’m 70 and go part-time from there. Why should my two grandchild be pushed aside for immigrants, especially illegal ones? What more can I do? Please vote against this scum.


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