Midlife Crisis? Beto Plays Drums In Another Desperate Cringe Video

Since he can’t beat fellow Dems in debate, he beats drums to seem edgy

(Infowars) – The Democrats have their very own little drummer boy in Beto O’Rourke, who released a cringe-worthy video via Instagram on Wednesday.

In an attempt to come off like a totally normal dude, the Democrat presidential hopeful hopped on his dusty old drumset and busted out a sick beat.

GOP National Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington tweeted out, “Is this a midlife crisis or a presidential campaign?”

O’Rourke, who played bass in a punk band called Foss in the 90s, also played drums in the band Swedes.

The El Paso native has often used his punk rock, skateboarding past in an effort to relate to young voters.

From cooking burgers to changing a tire or getting his teeth cleaned, there’s no average situation Beto is afraid of showing the world on camera.



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