Michael Moore Is Locked Out – Kept Waiting Outside Of NH Dem Dinner Where He Was Invited Guest Of Bernie Sanders (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Socialist filmmaker Michael Moore said he was blocked from the New Hampshire Democrat Shaheen Dinner on Saturday night where he was invited as a guest by Bernie Sanders.

They blocked Michael Moore from entering the dinner.

Michael Moore flashes a pass but was left standing outside the dinner.

Moore was kept waiting.

That’s pretty shocking.

There is video from outside the venue.

Video via C Smith.



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  2. I don’t think he realize Bernie is going to take 70% of every dollar he makes if elected. Obviously he doesn’t need money. He doesn’t use money for nothing except to eat. Take a look at the man. What he needs money for?

  3. To Little 1 and others:

    English Teachers tell students to be careful with grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.,
    You must proofread what you write or you may receive a job offer to be Stand Up
    Comedian. Newsweek proves it !

  4. He is a complete slob. It’s pretty funny that he was locked out. The Democrats are in a total state of disarray. Iowa mess, Milwaukee mess. Locking out invited guests is just another example of incompetency.

  5. Hahahaaha!!!!!
    I love these libtards that act like they’re “soooo inclusive” of everyone…..
    He was probably violating the restaurant’s dress code! lmao. The guy is worth millions and ALWAYS looks like a bum! I typically don’t care how people dress but EVERYTHING that guy does pisses me off. He always looks like he’s wearing a trash bag with a scarf. People should dress appropriately given the situation ESPECIALLY if it’s dinner with a bunch of senators! Hahaha! He’s such a dumbass! He’s a piece of trash….he looks like trash, he acts like trash, the man is garbage! Keep givin the Dems all your money a sucker’s born every minute buddy…he said he cut a check for $300k at the end of that video and for what!?!?

  6. Serves him well! . . . He looks GOOD out there. Maybe even THEY were trying to tell him to “Go home – your MOMMY is calling you!” Oh, and watch out for PETE. You NEVER can tell. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. And the surprise would be what? The man wears blinders, dresses badly even though he has pots of money. He can’t see where his own best interests lie. He is a sheep waiting to be fleeced then slaughtered.

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