Michael Flynn Jr. Calls For Caution Regarding Trump Legal Team’s Statement On Sidney Powell; Here’s What He Had To Say

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Sunday evening, President Trump’s legal team released a statement that left a lot of folks scratching their heads, wondering what, exactly, was going on within the campaign concerning their efforts to examine alleged claims of voter fraud in key battleground states.

The statement announced that former federal prosecutor, and current attorney for Gen. Michael Flynn, was not a member of the official legal team for the president. As you can probably imagine, this got the rumor mill turning pretty hard on social media. Doesn’t take much, right?

But, as with all things, there might be a bit more to this story than we’re all being made privy to. Especially since Powell herself said she was going to continue fighting for the cause, adding some pizzazz to her statement by attaching the hashtag #KrakenOnSteroids.

According to BizPacReview, Jenna Ellis, the Trump campaign’s senior legal adviser, is the one who posted the statement on Twitter on behalf of the whole legal team.

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity,” the statement read.

Powell has claimed that skewed algorithms are responsible for electronic voting machines to switch millions of votes from President Trump over to Joe Biden. What’s weird about the statement is that she appeared at a press conference with the Trump legal team just last week.

However, Gen. Flynn’s son, Mke, continues to insist on Parler that the president hasn’t gotten rid of Powell, noting that the whole statement might be related to funding.

“Cannot confirm yet but I’m confident this has to do w money coming in for legal defense fund sppt,” the younger Flynn wrote. “@sidneypowell has her own separate entity 4 legal donations that isn’t in conjunction w the Trump legal team.”

L. Lin Wood also tweeted out that Powell and himself are more alike than they are different, noting that “all interests are aligned.”

Wood went on to say that they were fighting different legal battles for the same clients.

Wood said in a different tweet that everything is planned. What, exactly, that means, is anyone’s guess.

But, perhaps, folks ought to refrain from looking too deeply into what the statement might mean and allow things to be made clear over time?

At the end of the day, what matters is that Trump’s legal team continues to push for recounts and to examine incidents of alleged voter fraud. It’s critical that we protect our election system and if that means doing extra digging, it needs to be done.

The future direction of our country depends on it.

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    • Nothing will come of this. The comparing signatures have been destroyed. They will not get anything to prove anything. Comparing counts does nothing except hide the fraud. We have become a shithole.

  1. “The future direction of our country depends on it.”

    Masterful understatement. What’s at stake here is nothing less than the future EXISTENCE of the Great Republic. When SHE falls, not just OURS, but WORLDWIDE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM goes with her. When THAT happens, I think it’s safe to say that the Great Tribulation will have been entered into by all of creation.

    In that case, if I am given the opportunity to continue mortal observance of those and following events, then I suppose I will have lived sufficiently long to PERSONALLY WITNESS the “resolution” of perhaps the greatest theological debate of my 6-decade lifetime. I humility, I consider it a great, undeserved privilege to KNOW that I am a legitimate disciple/disciple-maker of Jesus. Many of us believe that God will graciously “save” us from having to suffer through the trials prophesied in Revelation. Many others disagree with that INTERPRETATION of the Tribulation event SEQUENCE, and do NOT EXPECT extraction from the earth via the Rapture. Personally, I tended to lean towards the LaHaye interpretation of prior extraction via Rapture that was the key stage setter of his Left Behind series of novels 20+ years ago. However, as I have been lovingly lead through substantial suffering in my walk with the Lord, I have come, recently, to change these and many other beliefs that I held to tightly, nay STUBBORNLY!! To become LIKE CHRIST, one must JOYOUSLY ACCEPT – AND THEN EXECUTE!!! – GOD’S CALL TO EXCRUCIATING SUFFERING, just as Jeshua did in His Passion. Till we DO EXACTLY THAT, no matter how much one may THINK they love the Lord, we simply pay Him LIP SERVICE.

    We are living in VERY INTERESTING TIMES, my Brothers and Sisters, both present and future ones!!! WE MUST LIVE EACH MOMENT WITH THE VERY REAL EXPECTATION THAT IT MAY BE OUR LAST!!!!!! Make good use of every one!

    Peace and Joy to you all.

  2. At the end of the day, what matters is that..

    The time came years ago to retire the phrase “at the end of the day” for how the wording detracts from credibility from exhausted overuse. Those who share the point of view of the author of this article must be fresh in our writing to inspire others.

  3. It does seem like Powell and Guiliani have both thrown their reputations out the window in an effort to prove voter fraud once again, every election the same things are said and nothing has yet been proven, now if there were the things that has been accused then it would be to the DOJ to investigate, but according to the law of this USA, there has to be some proof of wrong doing fro DOJ to initiate an investigation into such a public thing. Stirring up unrest and destroying trust in our very institutions which have kept this USA safe for over 150 years is what depots do to become Autocratic rulers where only one person controls ever thing and no one has any say in what happens, look at Turkey and Egypt for prime examples of this, where the leader charms the supporters into putting them in office then once there actually deserts all but his money people.

  4. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are highly reputable attorneys in the practice of criminal law .
    The criminal democrats may have cause for concern. We all wish team Obama sweet dreams for the holidays.

  5. Would it be surprising if Ms Powell was pursuing different interests than the Trump’s official team. Those interests could be looking for the same results – clearing up any fraud that might be in our elections, but were pursuing different angles of research.

    I could also see where Ms. Powell might be reluctant to disclose what evidence she has. I think that would be wise to hold that until they got to trial. That is the place to reveal evidence she has gathered.

    Let’s just wait and see how everything plays out.


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