Michael Douglas Says Father Kirk Douglas’s ‘Last Words’ Included Support For Bloomberg

(Breitbart) – “Mike [Bloomberg] can get it done” were some of actor Kirk Douglas’s “last words” before he passed away, according to recollections from his son, actor Michael Douglas, who revealed this to a crowd at a Madison, WI, opening of a campaign office for the former New York City mayor’s presidential campaign.

Kirk Douglas died last Wednesday at the age of 103, announced his son Michael Douglas via Instagram.

The Wall Street star shared his father’s political views on Saturday, a day after laying his father to rest at the elder Douglas’s funeral in Los Angeles, according to Isthmus, a Madison-based newspaper.

Michael Douglas said, “[Bloomberg] has a proven record. He has done more as a private citizen and as a mayor than most any congressman or senator [or] elected official. This is a great, great guy. This is a rare, rare moment. I haven’t felt like this since John Kennedy.”

“Yes, granted, at one time [Bloomberg] was a Republican,” added the Ant-Man star, “but the Republican Party stood for something that it doesn’t now. He was [also an] independent. And now he’s a stone cold Democrat. In my lifetime, I really can’t think of a better candidate for the president of the United States than Mike Bloomberg.”

Michael Douglas endorsed Bloomberg’s presidential bid last month, calling him “one of the greatest candidates in the history of our elections.”

In an article entitled, “When money is no object,” Isthmus catalogs some of Bloomberg’s campaign spending in the Badger State, including “$4 million, and counting, spent on TV ads that have blanketed the airwaves in Wisconsin since Bloomberg announced his bid for president.”

Bloomberg is offering $150 payouts to social media “micro-influencers,” defined as those with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers, to spread positive messages about him and his presidential campaign, according to a recent report.

According to the New York Times, Bloomberg has procured over 2,000 field staffers for his campaign, nationwide.

Bloomberg’s celebrity endorsements also include rocker Rocker John Mellencamp, who appeared in a Bloomberg ad earlier this month.



  1. Kirk really said “ Lock her up !” , referring to Hillary and her crimes .

    Kirk wasn’t the typical progressive liberal trash from Hollywood!


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