Media Pulls UN Report After Finding Record-High Child Detentions Took Place Under Barack Obama Not Trump (Video)

It’s all about the politics.

(Gateway Pundit) – The United Nations published a report that found a record-high number of alien child detentions took place under Barack Obama not President Donald Trump.

However you may have missed the report since liberal media outlets pulled news of the report since it confirmed President Trump’s statements.

OAN reported —

Via Jack Posobiec:

Flashback: Watch: Anti-Trump Protester Refuses To Denounce Obama For Deporting More Immigrants Than Trump

‘Trump is a racist who is trying to ‘make America white again’ by deporting immigrants.’

‘But Obama deported double the number of immigrants and put kids in cages’.

‘I didn’t follow politics then…I wouldn’t denounce him because he was a gentleman.’

Meanwhile, imagine showing up to a protest and having absolutely no idea what you are protesting against.


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