McCaskill: There Was ‘Not A Hint Of Corruption During Eight Years Of Barack Obama’

(Breitbart) – Wednesday on MSNBC, network political commentator former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said former President Barack Obama’s administration did not have even “a hint of corruption during eight years.”

McCaskill said, “I think what would be the tale of this election will be what is going on in September and October. I think there are going to be three metrics that this president is definitely afraid of, to use an unfortunate phrase. He’s going to be afraid of the unemployment numbers in September and October, and so far, the complicated and byzantine stimulus that’s been put forward has not eased unemployment. And that’s the measure here. Not the stock market. How many people are in bread lines, and how many people don’t have jobs, and how many people have lost health care? That’s the measure. And then how many—what is the daily body count in September and October? How many people are dying every day from this virus in September and October? And how many new cases are showing up every day? There’s no way there will be a vaccine before September or October.”

She continued, “So what is the president’s playbook? Looking down that tunnel, his playbook is to go to what worked for him in 2016 and is to lie about his opponent. And what that thing was with the senators —I’ve got to get this in —what that thing was with the senators yesterday, he went to that lunch to tell them to lie for him. You’ve got to lie about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. You’ve got to turn them into something they are not. You got to make them criminals. He wants to get to the point where they’re chanting lock them up at his rallies about Obama and Biden, who have done nothing illegal. Nothing, nothing, not even close! Not a hint of corruption during eight years of Barack Obama. No wholesale firing of inspector generals.”

“So I really think it’s startling that he’s so panicked that he felt the need to go down there to shore up the Republicans, you guys got to get tougher and lie better because that’s essentially what his message was yesterday.”


"Morning Joe", 5/20/20 – Claire McCaskill, Joe & MikaThe GOP's stupidity of going after Biden and Obama.

Posted by Fran Saykaly on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Flashback: Barack Obama Himself Was The Threat To The Rule Of Law

Former President Barack Obama warned Friday that the “rule of law is at risk” because former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn will no longer be prosecuted.

Obama’s remarks, leaked from a private conference call with members of something called the “Obama Alumni Association,” show a breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

Obama himself was the threat to the rule of law, both during his presidency and as it ended.

As Breitbart News has previously noted, Obama routinely violated the Constitution’s separation of powers, challenging America’s constitutional foundation in a way no president before him had done in peacetime.

“I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone,” Obama said, threatening to use — and abuse — his executive power — rather than allow the constitutional process of legislation to proceed.

Here are just a few of Obama’s more egregious violations:

  • Refusing to submit the Iran deal to the Senate for ratification
  • Declaring the Senate in recess when it was not (struck down, later, in a 9-0 Supreme Court decision)
  • Defying the courts when told to renew oil and gas activity in the Gulf of Mexico, or to stop giving amnesty to illegal aliens
  • Threatening the Supreme Court after Citizens United, and before the Obamacare decision
  • Altering Obamacare’s statutory deadline unilaterally
  • Creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) programs after admitting it was unconstitutional
  • Trying to wipe out the coal industry

Moreover, the Flynn investigation itself undermined the rule of law by targeting a man the government knew was innocent of any crime. Similarly, Obama’s own effort to protect Hillary Clinton, and his administration’s attempt to undermine Trump through false allegations of “Russia collusion,” also violated the rule of law.

Last week it emerged that it was Obama himself who told then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates about Flynn’s lawful conversation with the Russian ambassador, which set the investigative wheels in motion.

Obama’s phony protest suggests he is feeling desperate as attention turns, finally, to his own role in the affair.

Featured image credit: Senator Claire McCaskill –


  1. mccaskill is the boldface liar. What about obamagate. That is for real. What about the ukraine scandal and his firing their prosecutor which they are now investigating. What about his gun running in mexico which they are investigating. What about his not even being born here.what about his passing illegal of laws without legislator approval practically every day he was in office. obama was the crookedest president we have ever had.

  2. McCaskill is deaf and blind. Barry led the
    most corrupt evil coverup administration
    in history, too long to list part of the
    dem swamp who wants another
    bogus $$ job.

    • That was Traitor Trump who led said evil administration. “Barry” didn’t conspire with Russia to help him cheat his way to the presidency (Even then Hillary still won the popular vote even with Russia interfering against her!), “Barry” didn’t cover up his Russian ties by firing James Comey or obstructing the Mueller investigation, “Barry” didn’t blackmail Ukraine by holding their federally-approved military aid hostage in exchange for their help to cheat again (and get impeached for it), “Barry” didn’t dismiss H1N1 as a “Republican hoax” like Traitor Trump did with COVID-19 dismissing it as a Democrat hoax, and “Barry” didn’t kill 100,000 Americans with his lies and incompetence during his pandemic like Traitor Trump did during his. Rejoin reality and then tell me which president is the corrupt one.

    • Bob…all lies ! You must be watching fake news way too much. Barry & Co. are all corrupt. Holder lied, Rice lied, Comey lied, Hillary lied, people died!
      Trump never called the virus a hoax and he certainly didn’t kill anyone that’s just ignorant of you.
      China lied so get your facts straight before you get your panties in a wad!

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  4. Says the liberal stooge from MO … tax fraud, racist rants against Dr Carson, billing the taxpayer for her private airplane, etc. … much the same as your normal lefty-loon-whacko-crook does as a democrat congress person. Corrupt jackasses they are.

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  6. Somebody is electing these individuals into office. We need to know why? Has our intellect gone that far south that we want more of this socialism. Just think what would happen if these Democrats were in power! Look at how they are acting using this pandemic as a foothold. They are nearly collapsing the whole worlds economy. Supply chains broken and product not being distributed to local stores. Empty shelves just like in other Socialistic countries. How could you vote Democrat and beg for more of this?

  7. They think that if they say it enough and the liberal media prints it, they will be believed. What about Fast and Furious (which the Mexicans are finally looking into), using the IRS to target conservatives, Benghazi, and so on?

  8. It is just amazing to me that these damn commie dimoKKKrat liars don’t burst into flame every time they open their filthy lie holes.

  9. This woman is clearly delusional. Obama
    and his court of criminals is most likely
    the most corrupt administration in the
    history of the United States. What a POS.
    He won because he was black and the
    fact that he was propped up by the demo
    craps. He couldn’t lead a horse to water
    let alone an entire nation.
    Nice snow job Oblama, you have a lot to
    be proud of. Yea right!!!

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  12. I suppose if you’re not paying attention and are blind to the facts and a partisan hack, she , like most progressive liberal trash will say Obama had no scandals .

    Claire had her own scandals which she ignored and they cost her re-election, what a pity ? Claire and her husband didn’t think they should pay taxes on their twin engine aircraft, why should they folks ? They’re elites and we owe them ,don’t we ?

  13. you have to ask….is she mentally stable? is she suffering from dementia???? sounds like shes reading from the demonrats playbook…didnt obama say the say thing…not a hint of corruption in my administration. Save America NEVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT ANYWHERE.. IF THEY HAVE A D NEXT TO THERE NAME THEY ARE EVIL.

    • That’s the word game today’s progressive liberal trash use . No scandals really equals the opposite.
      Russian influence equals democrat crimes
      Election integrity equals democrat fraud
      Protecting democracy equal democrat fraud .

      These people are frauds , well paid frauds voted in by frauds , we call them progressive liberal trash!


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