Mayor Bowser: ‘Simply Anti-American’ That Washington D.C. Is Not A State

(Breitbart) – Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said it was “anti-American” that her city is not a state with full representation in the U.S. Senate.

Bowser said, “We’re in a historic march for statehood. We know that the district becoming the 51st state is the only way the 700,000 taxpaying Americans are fully represented and become full Americans. And that’s why we are fighting for statehood for D.C.”

She continued, “We’ve answered all of the questions that have been lobbed against us about statehood. And now all that is left is that the issue of whether Americans should be represented in the Congress who pay taxes is a partisan issue, Democrat versus Republican. But that’s not really the question that the members should be asking themselves. They should be asking themselves what is fair and what reflects the principles of the American democracy. D.C. residents being the only people in the free world whose capital city residents aren’t represented in the capital is simply anti-American.”

She added, “We’re bigger than Wyoming and Vermont, and unlike the territories, which we’ve been compared to recently, we pay all of the federal taxes that every American pays in the 50 states. So when you see “taxation without representation” on our license plates, we’re paying more per capita than any jurisdiction, giving more to the federal government than we get back, we’re literally being taxed without being represented. Our Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton has been fighting this fight to get a vote in the House of Representatives. Currently, we don’t have anybody speaking for us in the Senate. And getting two senators and being fully autonomous is what statehood means for Washington, D.C..”


  1. Interesting! Congressional legislatures voting AGAIN to violate the Constitution. Why do we even pay the ignoramuses? They do not even pretend to live up to their commitment to defend the law. They are so distorted in their wanton ambition that they see their wants as the law. Isn’t that what a spoiled child does, then gets mad and throws a tantrum if they are told no ?

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  3. what a dumbass its in the constitution what the area is to be used for and its the only land the US GOVT IS authorized
    to own. no other land is authorized under the constitution. all us congressman should have to take mandatory education class on the constitution, declaration of independence and US history. some many now in congree are clueless.

    • Mark, it is not a matter that they are ignorant of the law. The terrifying reality is that they do not give a dam about the law.


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