Maxine Waters: Putin Invented “Lock Her Up” and “Crooked Hillary” for Trump (VIDEO)

May 18, 2017 8:09 pm  

Auntie Maxine Waters is at it again!

(Bizpac Review) – Thursday on MSNBC Rep. Maxine Waters told MSNBC President Trump there is evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians. There isn’t.

Maxine Waters says Putin was behind the “Lock her up!” and “Crooked Hillary” phrases.

Maxine Waters: I really do believe that a lot of what you see coming out of Trump’s mouth was a play from Putin’s playbook. I think that when you saw him absolutely calling Hillary ‘crooked’, the ‘lock her up, lock her up!” all of that was developed. I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin… I think there was a corporation in developing strategy.

It’s “cooperation” not “corporation,” Auntie.


And she’s the voice of the Democrat Party.

Let that sink in.

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