Masters Of Fake News, CNN, Make Stunning Admission About Percentage Of Votes Biden Needs To Win PA

( Exclusive) – According to a report penned by Cassandra Fairbanks of Gateway Pundit, John King, a member of the CNN team, those purveyors of fake news, actually did something during last night’s election coverage that no doubt left any conservatives tuning into the network to watch coverage of the race — why would you do that to yourself? — totally stunned.

King actually did his job and admitted that the Democratic presidential nominee needed to pull in at least 75 percent of the remaining votes in the state of Pennsylvania in order to take down Trump and win the state.

The political pundit said, “That’s a steep hill.”

Holy. Cow.

“It’s not over, but the math is pretty steep. We need to watch, and here is what’s interesting — if they have 1.4 million left, and the President is up by 673 thousand votes, Joe Biden is going to have to win a ballpark of 75% of these votes,” King stated.

Despite the fact Trump has a very strong lead in the state, Pennsylvania’s governor, a super liberal, is not wiling to give up.

“We still have over 1 million mail ballots to count in Pennsylvania. I promised Pennsylvanians that we would count every vote and that’s what we’re going to do,” Gov. Tom Wolf said in a post on Twitter.

As of the time of the original report, Trump had a lead of 700,000 votes. That’s more than a commanding lead. That’s a total slaughter. It seems pretty clear that the vast majority of the state wants to see Trump stay in office for another four years. How about we make that happen?

There has been a lot of fear of voter fraud in the state, too, as officials just suddenly stopped counting last night, leading many to wonder what kind of shenanigans are going on in PA. And while that might seem like something a conspiracy theorist would say, just look at the opposition Trump has had over the last four years with the Deep State.

Democrats have tried to impeach him. They have launched all kinds of ridiculous probes into his campaign. They even broke the law and spied on his presidential campaign back in 2016. Folks, these individuals will do anything to see a Biden presidency. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

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  1. Not one to play into any conspiracy theory but this is interesting coincidence.
    So CNN pointed out Wednesday Biden needed 75% or more of all remaining votes to win PA. And amazingly after Thursday, they are pulling in more votes which, surprise, surprise, surprise, Biden has over 75% of those and is now in the lead by 1000 votes.
    From an old Bond book, once is happenstance, twice coincidence, third time intentional. And amazingly in three other key races where Trump was leading the state well into the 90% + count but not called, votes have turned up since Tuesday and are exactly enough (by percentage required) to move Biden into the lead. Odd isn’t it. Not all as drastic as PA where he went from a lead of over 500,000 to down by 1000 but still exactly what was needed. And in Nebraska, Trump has nearly 20% lead, 99.2% of votes and they show the state to be red/blue split.

  2. Why didn’t Hillary think of these scams to cheat the American voters folks ? We should be grateful she didn’t cheat as well as Biden .

  3. Pennsylvania won’t matter. Biden has Nevada and Georgia in the bag, and as soon as they get called for him, victory will belong not only to President Joe Biden, but to America! Get ready to run, traitorous republicunts!

    • Traitors don’t cheatDummy , today’s progressive liberal filth in the democrat party sure have NO problem cheating and they’ve have proven daily .
      Hillary lost and cheated , your hero the brown clown helped also . how did that work out Dummy?

  4. Again I say….Voter ID for ALL future elections. Where you have areas where 100% of the votes went to Biden, ones knows it’s FRAUD!

  5. Governor Wolf underestimated the number of fake ballots he would need to cheat for the leftists. Had to stop the count so they could make some more in his basement.

  6. No leftist ever uses the term verified, legal vote. It’s all ballots counted or votes counted, never mention of verified & legal. Kind of like illegal immigration. Patriots are fine with legal immigration but not illegal immigration. Leftists always say we are against immigration which is a lie. We’re seeing areas where there are more supposed votes than registered voters once again. Thankfully, Trump’s standing against this unlike Nixon in 1960. This is worse & against something way worse than Kennedy. Biden is no Kennedy & no patriot either. Uncle Joe my ass. He has never been a good guy. He was in on the Bork attack big time.

  7. The reason they stopped counting votes was that it was late so it is not fair to force someone to work late into the night just to count votes. Plus it has been proven that the longer you go on less sleep the more mistakes you can make. I rather have someone with fresh eyes looking at the ballots that were mailed in to make sure they are legit legal ballots and not duplicate ones or a fake one.

    • No, they had to go print up some more to make sure the leftists could cheat their way to victory. Same reason they banned the poll watchers from observing the ballots in Philadelphia. If Biden ends up winning, you can kiss your freedom goodbye. You’ll be a slave to the state in Kamala’s leftist utopia.

    • It’s called working in shifts, anyone who has been at a 24 hr business like healthcare or emergency services is familiar with the concept.
      That said at the time I typed this reply Biden only needed 6 more electoral votes to win and Trump needed 54. In other words he needs every remaining (4) open state to win. If he looses just one it is time to turn out the lights as the party is over.

  8. Votes are supposed to be counted on election night, period. All states do it smoothly except Democrat run battleground states…Why ?! Mail in ballots are are recipe for fraud, with piles of postal trays and scant if any oversight and verification. If a voter doesn’t care enough to get his/her ass to the polls, or request an absentee ballot when necessary – then don’t vote.

    • Because they need extra time to cheat. That’s why places in Michigan and Wisconsin are reporting more votes than registered voters.

  9. I hear how we the non left are tired of being labelled and pushed around and about how soft we are yet once the winner is declared we sit back and stew over the thought that in 4 more years we will have payback. Meanwhile Dems lie, cheat and steal to obtain their goals and like old men on the porch rocker we shake our fists and moan but do nothing. Idk about you all that read this but it’s very upsetting that after 200 yrs our mass vote means almost nothing. Just sayin…

    • All is needed is to walk Obama and his goons thru the streets and then hang everyone of them for treason . Problem solved for another 200 years .

  10. only way dems can win and turn America into a commie country is to
    cheat, and when they let china and the
    middle east come in by the millions guess who will pay with their lives YOU, and thats when the lefties will start crying and begging fir the rights help

  11. There is absouletly NO EXCUSE for this mess, We live in a country with the greatest technology anywhere in the world and for the American voters to have to wait for possibly ten days before a winner is decided is unacceptable and this needs to be fixed before the next election, The good news is that there is still a pathway for President Trump to win this election all we have to do is ensure that it is not stolen from us.It appears at this point we are going to have to try and live with the fact that Biden and Harris will probably be elected that is a REAL DISASTER for America, Luckily we held the Senate which will help to stop the insanity of these two.

    • But let’s not forget that Lying Biden would possess the power of the Pen (Executive Order) and will quickly undo all Trump has gained for us!!

    • Technology is not the problem. The states in which the total is not yet certified are states in which they are trying to “manufacture” votes for Biden. If we don’t get a handle on the cheating that goes on, we’ll never have fair elections.

  12. We never know for sure what can be accomplished with Obama’s voter fraud organization and the corrupt news media. They kept counting until the 2018 election flipped the House.

    • The filth’s hero Obama coordination with a corrupt media surely explains his eight years of shame and misery.

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