Master “Gas-Lighter” Barack Obama Gets Unhinged In The Face Of Spying Allegations

( Exclusive) – Whether you like Trump or not the fact remains that the Democrats have been out to get him since day 1, and by day 1 we mean the first day he announced his candidacy for President. The left has been rabid with their hatred of President Trump and they have gone to shocking lengths to try to bring him down.

While all of their efforts have failed miserably they still cling to their tired, old disproven narratives. Russia, Russia, Russia. Ukraine. Racist. Blah, blah, blah… The American people are, quite frankly, just tired of it.

The Democrats have caused nothing but chaos and unrest over the course of the last four years as they have done all they can to obstruct President Trump’s administration and Congress from doing their job. They’ve lied, manipulated, cheated, and deceived all with the express purpose of bringing down the dually elected President of the United States.

Now they say it’s Trump and Republicans who have caused all the problems in America though most level-headed Americans can plainly see the truth. Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls for a Congress primarily comprised of elderly members who have been there for decades is that they aren’t quite familiar with how social media works and just how easy it is for information about what they are actually doing to get around to the American people.

The Democrat’s own actions have been what will do them in.

However, one of the Democrat’s areas of expertise is gas-lighting. They are constantly accusing President Trump and the GOP of offenses that they themselves are committing. They play the victim when they are the perpetrators. They peddle lies and misinformation to convince their lockstep liberal supporters to believe them, and shockingly these have been highly effective tactics. Just not as effective as President Trump’s blunt, straightforward, no-nonsense, honest approach that makes Americans feel respected.

Perhaps the biggest fraud and “gas-lighter” of all is former president Barack Obama.

Barack Obama via his administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign in 2015 and enough evidence has been discovered that it’s no longer debatable yet Barack Obama says he finds the accusation “absurd” and “dangerous.”

Well, of course he does, after all, the allegations of spying are true. The only thing dangerous is the President of the United States spying on his political opponent, which Trump has not done, but Obama has.

Textbook definition gas-lighting. Do something that hurts another person and then deny it while also shaming the victim and turning things around so that the victim is made out to be the “bad guy.”

Obama made the comments while chatting with two of his former staffers who host the “Pod Save America” podcast which is, ironically, distributed by a company that goes by the moniker “Crooked Media.”

Host Tommy Vietor asked Obama in a way that presumes Obama’s innocence if it’s “weird” for him that President Trump tweets that he and his Vice President Joe Biden should be indicted as a result of what is now being dubbed “Spygate.”

Obama responded in the most Democrat of ways. First he discredited the claims simply by saying they were not true, which is equivalent to the gospel truth for liberal minions. He then turned around and, in the vaguest terminology possible, made President Trump out to be the “bad guy.”

“The allegations are so absurd that even Republican-controlled committees looking into it have dismissed them. And, you know. Attorney General Barr has dismissed them,” Obama claimed.

“But you know, this is an example, I think, of a larger problem. Well, two larger problems, which don’t get as much attention, understandably, when you’ve got high unemployment and a pandemic raging because it doesn’t touch people’s day to day lives.

“But one of the central foundation stones of a democracy is the idea that you do not, you do not allow the politicization of the criminal justice system, the intelligence system, the military. Right? That that is stuff that you keep out of politics…Because it’s too dangerous. You want, you can’t have a democracy in which political opponents are subject to this kind of inflammatory language. Now, he did the same thing with Hillary and the ‘lock her up’ theme. And so I’m not surprised by it, that it continues.”

See what Obama did there? He whipped out his faux integrity and ethics and insisted that the criminal justice system, the intelligence system, the military, etc… are not to be politicized because it’s “dangerous” meanwhile his Deep State that works to undermine everything that President Trump does has literally successfully politicized every single one of those systems and more. Even right now the Democrats are politicizing the Supreme Court in their treatment of Amy Coney Barrett and their threats to “pack the court.”

He then proceeded to opine about how “disappointed” with Republicans because, in his opinion, they have failed to keep President Trump in check and that whether or not Biden wins in November he hopes the GOP will go back to saying “here are norms that we can’t breach” claiming that President Trump has “breached all of them.”

The audacity of Barack Obama is truly astounding. All of these supposed “norms” have been completely shattered by the out of control left ever since Trump took office in 2016. It is them who have taken decorum and integrity and thrown them right out the window. It is them who have lied, cheated, spied, and set-up President Trump and those in his administration like General Flynn. The Democrats kicked it all off by using a Russian-sourced made-up dossier funded by the Democrats as a means to illegally obtain a FISA warrant with the purpose of bringing President Trump down.

If that’s all part of the “norm” than Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is as paramount as ever.

Copyright 2020.


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