Massive Layoffs At Leftist Huffington Post After It Pushed To Deplatform And Silence The Right

( Exclusive) – It was only a matter of time before mainstream media outlets experienced the consequences of peddling leftist propaganda and rabid political vitriol aimed at the right.

Huffington Post, one of America’s most left-leaning publications, has announced massive layoffs of its workforce on Tuesday and we can’t say we’re sorry to hear it.

The leftist publication has spewed nonstop hate towards President Trump and his supporters for years now but has really stepped up the hate and divisiveness over the course of the last year.

Now, they’re paying the price. Turns out Americans would rather tune out the left-wing smears, lies and misinformation. Pretty entertaining to see the truth unraveling right before their eyes when liberals have been convinced that they’re the majority.

Naturally, HuffPost employees are claiming that the layoffs are just due to mismanagement and lack of promotion but the truth could not be more clear.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the publication stated they would be doing away with 47 US writers, including 8 in management, and entirely shutting down its Canadian operation.

According to Jonah Peretti (pictured at top), CEO of BuzzFeed, which acquired HuffPost from Verizon Media just last month, the decision to make the layoffs and shut down the Canadian operation was made to “fast-track the path to profitability.”

The move would enable the company to break even this year and eventually turn a profit. Peretti noted that HuffPost’s 2020 losses totaled around $20 million. Ouch.

“Though BuzzFeed is a profitable company, we don’t have the resources to support another two years of losses.”

HuffPost has actually been struggling for years financially and it should come as no surprise. Their blatant leftist pandering and bias has not been lost on readers. However, HuffPost staff remain adamant that the problem is really just lack of promotion.

The HuffPost Union criticized the layoffs saying that they’re “devastated and infuriated” and said they “never got a fair shot to prove our worth” under the new ownership.

They also pledged to continue “fighting to make HuffPost a more just and equitable workplace, including pushing for clear and accountable commitments to hiring and promoting more people of color and for transparency around pay equity.”

Yes, because clearly equality and racism were contributing factors in the decision to shut down an entire operation and layoff 30% of the workforce. Clearly the folks at HuffPost are going to remain totally and completely enslaved by the leftist agenda.

Many of the opinion writers at HuffPost have been extremely aggressive in their disdain for those on the political right.

Last summer, commentary writer Imran Ahmed wrote a piece indicating “Deplatforming Works,” with a subtitle that read, “Some deride deplatforming as a sign of an emerging ‘cancel culture’ and an attack on free speech. But inaction is dangerous too.”

Americans are downright sick and tired of “cancel culture” and our First Amendment rights being trampled on by the sanctimonious left. The fact that the HuffPost has been struggling financially so badly for years now that it’s resulted in mass layoffs should be their sign.

Maybe it’s time to tone down the divisive and hate-filled rhetoric.

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  1. I’m calling for a “million mask march” on Concord this spring. To protest our govener for his failed mandate. I/we want and need our freedoms back. This crap has gone on long enough! No more masks! End the lockdown! NOW! Who’s with me!

  2. There’s a lot more fake news out there that need to rot away too. All they can do is blame President Trump for everything. That’s all they have! Now that he is gone they can’t make money off him even though they still blame him for Biden’s horrors. Fake news!

  3. Lucky for them Biden is another food stamp potus like his hero Obama. Most of today’s progressive liberal trash rather collect welfare and food stamps than work for a living .

  4. “Americans are downright sick and tired of “cancel culture” and our First Amendment rights being trampled on by the sanctimonious left.”

    Truthful information is eternal. False rhetoric is a self destructive element and has a very short life span before it vaporizes it self.

    Dishonorable people have a very short life span of being in the lime light but people of honor, although they are not perfect, will be honored for ever.

    People such as the dishonorable leftist democrats have a short reign before they self destruct in a putrid pool of their own falseness. It has never been pretty. History has NEVER honored the dishonorable and the false honor they lavish on themselves is nothing. They like Mussolini are destroyed by their own lies and hung from a pole and a trapped Hitler killed himself.

    The self deluded dictator such as self appointed queen pelosi value the grain of sand of her life span, but will find she has chosen poorly, throwing away what is of greater and lasting value and reward.


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