Mark Ruffalo Calls For Economic Revolution Because Capitalism Is ‘Killing Us’

(Breitbart) – Actor and left-wing activist Mark Ruffalo, reportedly worth around $30 million, has called for an “economic revolution” in the United States, warning that free-market capitalism is “killing us” and robbing the peace and prosperity of future generations.

Ruffalo made his revolutionary call via Twitter, sharing a Time magazine article entitled “How America’s Elites Lost Their Grip.”

“It’s time for an economic revolution,” he wrote. “Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”

The article, written by Time Editor-at-Large and NBC political analyst Anand Giridharadas, examines the rise of hardline anti-capitalist candidates and ideas into the mainstream, as well as the rise of left-wing movements in countries such as Chile and Argentina.

Giridharadas’ piece also looks at how certain events over the course of 2019, including the backlash against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s plans to set up a headquarters in New York, the celebrity-studded college bribery scandal, and Facebook’s meager $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission, have all contributed to many feeling that capitalism is rigged in favor of the few.

As a seasoned left-wing activist and supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Ruffalo uses much of his political capital to rail against the supposed evils of capitalism.

However, his last major anti-capitalist tirade was back in 2011 during the Occupy Wall Street protests. He later wrote about his activism for The Guardian in an op-ed entitled “We Are the 99%,” despite reports that he is worth around $30 million.

“It is a thing of beauty to see so many people in love with the ideal of democracy, so alive with its promise, so committed to its continuity in the face of crony capitalism and corporate rule,” he wrote at the time. “That should be celebrated. It should be respected and admired.”

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  1. Hey Ruffalo….You said – It’s time for an economic revolution!! Then send me a $Million of the $30 million you have accumulated under CAPITALISM!! You “Dip-sh*t”!!

  2. Great. Just tell him we will start with 99.9% of all of his money both from U.S. AND ALL offshore bank accounts and then move on to his next door neighbor leaving him a tent behind.

  3. Another Hollywood billionaire talking about what could take down his career. But this is not uncommon among the left leaning actors. They can shout all they want about the free market and other ways to make money because they have billions saved up. But what would happen if all their billions of dollars were taken away? OH their song would change it’s tune for sure. Ray you are an ass.

  4. Another ass from Hollywood who thinks we give a crap about him or what he believes. If you don’t like capitalism Mark, feel free to go live somewhere else… we don’t want or need you here. Oh and before you leave, why not spread your wealth to help all of the unfortunate who you claim to care so much about?? Jackass.

  5. I sometimes wonder if these Celebtards think before opening their mouths and I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t it’s kinda like Sanders and Lieawatha hating billionaires of course they hate billionaires because they’re not if they were they wouldn’t be mouthing off about how they hate them!

  6. He should walk his talk. Plenty of groups that care for the less fortunate, those who did not work hard in school or on jobs. Those who spend what money they had earned doing productive jobs being employed or self-employed spent their money on a good time on drinks or drugs. Who want a extra income not earned by their work.
    Good luck with that.

  7. I’m sad to say that MARK has a point about the failure of capitalism to meet a fairness standard. Wall Street and the military industrial complex have an inordinate amount of sway with both parties in congress. And, they line their pockets at the expense of the 99%. Leverage and a Fed that gives them unreasonable low interest rates allow them to skim the top of all earnings in our system. The 1% have an advantage, they can afford to buy politicians.

    That said, where has “SOCIALISM” ever worked? Venezuela is the most recent example, but China, Russia, North Korea show a long history of failure. Why? Because, the 0.1% who run the socialist countries are no different or wiser than anyone else. The oppression and outright murder of the “ruled” under socialism is history. The point of socialism is control not freedom. A rule antithetical to democracy. (It is only China’s use of “capitalism” that has made it a world power today)

    Ruffalo is a self-deceiving idiot. The irony is, even they can be successful in a capitalist society. If there are things that capitalism falls short in they can be fixed. Not, true of socialism, at least historically. Socialism devolves until it is worse than anything Ruffalo can even imagine. Venezuela, the richest country in South America until a few years ago is now steaming pile of poverty thanks to the socialist leadership. Control of food is the power of the government. Support me or starve. You want that for America? No thanks!

  8. Lins Roberts knows the real Communist facts as a result of hands on experiences, not from the books of,”I Think So”. Go ahead and believe that communism is GREAT! Enjoy your future of enslavement.

  9. Mark Ruffalo is setting with $30 million dollars, why should he worry. Maybe he should read more as the socialism countries are saying it is not working. Sweden according to the countries web site is trying to get back to Capitalism. India and two other countries left Socialism. Germany’s Chancellor said that they don’t have enough money left over to fight Climate change. Please do a little research before you make such an idiotic statement. I am sure you aren’t that stupid but a statement like that makes you look that way

  10. While I have enjoyed the majority his films, it’s sad to see his true colors, just another do as I say, but not as I do ultra liberal leftist communist. It’s OK for him to have armed security, walled/gated residence and travel as much as he wants in any manor, private jet, limo, etc, etc and of course make as much money as possible. Until he lives unarmed in an non gated / non walled solar and wind powered home and travels by bicycle, I won’t be considering any of his opinions valid.

  11. Another over rated elite POS who is so nuts the squirrels could feast on his lunacy. So tired of these insane no nothing celebrities who think their opinions are relevant. I for one think they should all be stripped of their ill gotten gains and set afloat to some remote socialist dung hole.

  12. so a guy with a lot of money who has lost his mind cause folks if you don’t think he believes in Capitalism , then ask him why he has all that money ?

  13. ONE has to wonder if this nut job has ever spent any time in a true Socialist country, An awful lot of us that served in the military have and anyone that wants that for America is completely out of touch with reality, I wonder if they will willingly give up their personal wealth because under socialism the government will be coming after it, If you want to live in a socialist country then move its just that simple, A lot of you promised to leave if president Trump won BUT you lied you are still here running your mouth about something you know nothing about.


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