Mark Levin Gets Explosive Over Voting Rule-Changes, Explains Why We’re In A ‘Constitutional Crisis’

( Exclusive) – Fox News host Mark Levin, a fiery conservative who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough subjects and speak his mind freely, went on a fiery tear on colleague Sean Hannity’s program, saying the Democrats relied on “non-legislature officers” in the key battleground states, going around GOP-controlled legislatures in order to implement a plethora of unconstitutional voting rule changes ahead of the election back in November of 2020.

According to BizPacReview, Levin kicked things off by saying that he firmly believes the 2020 election, which is still being contested in several states who sent competing slates of electors, is “worse than” the 1876 election, which also was highly contested before Rutherford B. Hayes was officially named the president by a panel that was made up of lawmakers and Supreme Court justices.

Levin really knows his stuff, doesn’t he? Maybe he ought to consider giving the presidency a go sometime? We could use a constitutionalist in the White House. If liberals were triggered by Trump, just imagine how much they’d totally hate Levin.

The conservative host went on to explain that only state legislatures, as stated in Article II of the Constitution, are allowed to make and change election laws. However, Democratic Party folks and lawyers have gotten around that requirement in key battleground states in the weeks and months that led up to the November 3 election by appealing to state courts and executive-branch officials in order to get certain rules changed.

“So what they did is they went into these states, all four of which have Republican legislatures, and they had to figure out how to get around those legislatures because of the Constitution,” Levin said.

“In … Pennsylvania, which has [a] Democrat governor, Democrat secretary of state, Democrat majorities of justices on the state Supreme Court, they used all of these non-legislature officers to change the laws in Pennsylvania to assist the Democrats,” he continued. “So the legislature was cut out.”

Levin then went on to say that “similar things” occurred in states like Georgia, which is a Republican controlled state. He said that in Georgia, the Democrats “went after the signature requirements” for mailing ballots.

Raffensperg, Georgia’s secretary of state, issued a decree as a response to a lawsuit which essentially “watered down” the requirement to a point that was useless.

Levin then held up a book that contains notes taken by Founding Father James Madison that was made during the constitutional convention debates of 1787, which explicitly details that state legislatures were given authority to choose presidential electors, not executives or courts.

“Yet in all four of those states,” Levin went on to explain, “the executives and the judiciary had more impact and more input into the election laws leading up to this election than the state legislatures did.”

“They were utterly cut out, so here we have a problem. We have a constitutional crisis that nobody wants to talk about,” Levin added.

“So now, what do we do? So these electors have been certified…who certified them? The very…officials who changed the laws in the first place,” he said. “Now we get to the joint session of Congress, which is also provided for in the Constitution, and we have, other than Ted Cruz and his group, Josh Hawley, gutless, feckless Republicans who are telling you, ‘Under the 12th Amendment we shall count the votes, I have no choice, I have to count the votes.’

“Really?” the Fox News host asked. “Let me be utterly clear about this. The framers of the Constitution weren’t stupid. The framers of the 12th Amendment weren’t stupid. Do you think for a minute they would say that Congress should count votes that are unconstitutional? They assumed that the votes would be lawful. They assumed that the states would follow the legislative process that they put in the Constitution.”

This is why it is so critical for the Constitution to be taught to our children in school. And if they aren’t teaching it, and I can almost guarantee they aren’t, then we as parents need to ensure that we teach it to our kids so that they will know when their rights are being violated and what they can use to hold the government accountable for their overreach.

Lack of knowledge will destroy our nation. So will suppression of that knowledge. And that’s what the radical left is attempting to do. Suppress the truth and prevent people from recognizing that what they are up to is criminal behavior.

Video: Mark Levin: This Is a Constitutional Crisis

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Prayer for President Trump


  1. I am sick and tired of the do nothing democrats and some republicans who are in Washington for longer than they need to be. This is partly why our country has gone down hill. Lets get back to saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” and teaching how our country came to be. We need to come together as communities and tell our leaders that if they don’t do what is right for our cities and country then they will not be back in.

  2. Yes Biden is illegitimate, I believe all of this was planned by the Democrats, the attack in Washington, because the states were asking for the electors back, to take another look, we have people in Washington, they don’t know the constitution, they don’t want to know the constitution, very upset we the Republicans, not Cruz or Hawley

  3. The fact being that every allegation about Voter Fraud has been investigated by State and Federal Law Enforcement, with appointed members of both political parties and not one accusation, found to be credible in any way what so ever. The machines that counted Trump votes for Biden, but when the hand recount proved that wrong the complaint turned to something else, and when the complaint that mail in voting was unconstitutional, then it was pointed out that every state has the SOLE responsibility to set up their election system as they see fit, and mainly Republican states has had total mail in voting for over 10 years. There should be something besides accusations which have been investigated and proven wrong to prove that any election has fraud.

    • And by this very fraud this regurgitated corrupt 47 year politician Joe Biden wins.

      Don’t you ever get tired repeating the same nonsense over and over bob?

    • There have been NO cases going to court. Just the corrupt party’s allegations. The proof has all been there…over 1,000 affidavits. And the recount in Ga was just recounting the illegal votes from the same corrupt Dominion machines. When Corrupt Clinton lost instead of a landslide, the Dems cooked up a plan to make sure they never lose again. Why do you think
      Hussein O stayed in Washington?!

    • I am saddened that you do not see what is happening to our Republic. The judges and other none elected officials our part of the problem. We need term limits on congress with only a salary of the average American and NO pension. Our founders did not intend for congress to be a life long career. Congress is the problem not POTUS who has only been here for 4 years.

  4. Ditto ML and Miller. And I enjoy reading your comments. Dan Bongino comes to mind along with Levin to run for office with Trump next time. Dan went to college on his time off as a cop in NY. A degree in psychology. And then at Penn State for a degree in business. With his work in the secret service , that is the cherry on top.

  5. The Tea Party is about freedom, taxes and small government. I see none of that discussion anymore. We need to follow these goals and out think the status quo. Stop the hate and get behind a new endowment based economy that achieves your goals and unity. This fighting is stupid when there’s a better way. Please read Birthloop economics. God bless. Jack

  6. It is not new understanding to recognize that the greatest and most effective enemy our country has had and still is actively undermining the people and having accomplished the erasing the concept of the “rule of law” replacing it with the rule of those with the power with the overt and open violating of their state and our former acknowledged authority of constitutional law governing elections, is the leadership of the democratic party and the propaganda machine of the main stream media who intentionally misinforms AND HAS NOW BEE HANDED THE REINS OF GOVERNMENT We are lower than livestock, in their minds, to be moved and used for their evil ends using, as Germany and other evil political movements have done, intimidation and fear such as a manipulated “pandemic”, information to mislead and deceive. We saw this in their consistent pattern of blaming others often the conservatives for what these corrupt people do.

    They instantly blame conservatives for the chaos in Washington and movement by officials to deal with the destructive behavior eager to deal with the threat when they are in the target area, but ignore the BLM and Antifa for the burning and killing in cities specifically destroying the “opportunity zones”as “mostly peaceful demonstrations. Interesting that the burning, looting was targeted in the development zones to help under developed areas to participate in economic growth under President Trump and Tim Scott. The fingerprint of these groups is evident. The pre-placement of material to use to harm including bombs was clear in DC.

    These destructive groups were NEVER addressed by the Biden “administration. In fact they were the people who financed the thugs and paid their bail so they could continue their pillage. Now they will have the whole country in their charge and the last vestige of influence over our lives is dead along with the dead people who put Biden and Harris along with the rest of Obamas cronies. This is a government run by the political mafia.

    George Soros and other people who believe they are so wise in their own eyes, should make the decisions for the “masses”, finance the efforts undermining the will of the county. Soros is at the end of his life span and will soon face the judgement for his choices., but we are still left here to become in their hands the next Venezuela in a poverty ridden globalist society. The thieves have been successful for now, but God has the final say.

  7. The truth is that we have an illegitimate president. The truth is that this “president” is a pretend “president” with a pretend administration, so let the pretend people and the dead people and the non-citizens who elected him pay the pretend taxes.

  8. I enjoy listening to Mark Levin. He always has the facts at his fingertips and when he is on a role – well you definitely know his feelings on the matter. He is a great patriot, which is more than you can say about any Democrat.


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