Mark Levin Delivers Big Slam To Critics Of Trump’s Election Strategy; Here’s Who He Had In His Sights

( Exclusive) – There are a lot of folks in the political punditry world that are just talking heads who will spit out the same old tired talking points without adding any sort of substance or nuance to their opinions and just expect people to agree with what they say.

Some of these individuals don’t have the backbone to say hard truths and then stand on those statements when the radical left comes nipping at their heels, calling them Nazis and whatever buzzword is hot at the moment. Yes, it is indeed rare to find someone willing to take on progressives with no apologies.

Fortunately, Fox News host Mark Levin is exactly the kind of guy we need right now. Levin has never been afraid to speak hard truth and to stick by the comments he makes. He’s incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and an expert on the Constitution. That’s the kind of guy you want commentary from.

According to a new report from BizPacReview, Levin totally crushed those who have criticized President Trump’s election strategy on his Sunday evening program, and he may have had Karl Rove in mind during his epic takedown.

Levin took time during the program to explain that civil litigation cases use a different legal standard for the burden of proof than that of criminal cases.

“‘Unexplained significant deviations from expected results — for instance, mathematical inconsistencies supported by experts’ — in other words, expert testimony given in affidavits,” Levin said.

The Fox News host then said that this “should be more than sufficient to establish a reasonable basis to file a complaint and justify expedited ‘fast discovery.'”

“So, it’s all wrong when you hear legal analysts and hosts say, ‘Where’s all the evidence? Where’s all the evidence?’” Levin continued. “This is a civil suit. So, you have the bar you need to pass so your case isn’t dismissed, then you conduct discovery.”

He said this also includes document demands, depositions, written discovery and more on an expedited level.

“It is frustrating to me to listen and watch people who have no experience in civil litigation, know nothing about civil litigation, or former federal prosecutors and professors who should know better, saying the same thing — or political operatives with whiteboards and without whiteboards — ‘I’m afraid there’s no evidence, we don’t have the evidence, there is no evidence,’” the former Reagan Justice Department official said.

Levin didn’t actually name drop Karl Rove, but seeing as how Rove is known for using whiteboards to make his points, it seems like this might be a shot fired across the bow.

The constitutional expert then said that you don’t go to court with multiple boxes of evidence. He noted that sometimes you can, but it’s not required. He went on to express his frustration with GOP senators who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse, for saying this is already over.

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.”

Levin encouraged those who are feeling discouraged and doubt the president’s strategy to embrace the legal system and to embrace the Constitution.

At the end of the day, that’s all we can do. And pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer. God cares about the little things and the big things. That certainly covers who our national leaders are.

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  1. This aticle’s date is shown on the Home page but when linking to the article form another source the date isn’t displayed in my browser (Opera.) Even the reference to Mark Levin’s Sunday evening program has no date. This is frustrating.

  2. Thank you Levin!! I too am growing weary of hearing “rino’s” telling Trump to concede. It ain’t over until God says its over. God is shaking this country to get rid of all the deceitful people in our elected offices. They will have no where to run and hide. God is using Trump to drain the swamp, and it sure is full! But not for long.

    • Andrew Morgan Roberts, you wouldn’t know God if He ran over you with a busload of apostles. You are just another mouthpiece for the twisted, corrupt Democrat Party. The only party in human history that requires anyone running on their ticket, be willing to commit multiple felonies. “By any means necessary” is their mantra coincidently it is also the mantra of amoral sycophants and canting pontificators.
      If you want a better understanding of what is truly going on you will stop believing everything you think.


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