Mainstream Media Waging Information War on Trump, Says Russian Senator

May 19, 2017 11:53 am  

Goal is to restrict Trump or impeach him under false pretexts

(Infowars) – A top member of Russian parliament has warned that the establishment media is waging an “information war” on President Donald Trump, with the goal to see him impeached or blocked from implementing his agenda – a mandate of the American people.

“President Trump has been facing an information war declared against him by the so-called mainstream media,” said Alexey Pushkov, Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Interim Commission on Information Policy. “Their goal is either to impeach Trump or limit his freedom of maneuver, bind him hand and foot.”

Earlier this week, Pushkov assessed that Congress was placing “another mine under Trump” by passing a bill to place sanctions on allies of Syria – which would include Russia.

“Seeking to impose sanctions on Syria’s pro-allies, the US Congress wants to disrupt the very possibility of reconstructing United States and Russia’s [public relations],” he tweeted. “Another mine under Trump.”

“If Trump approves the bill, he will sign his powerlessness to oppose McCain and Co. [If he] will not sign – will be the object of another attack,” he went on, noting that the bill could present a no-win situation for Trump in the midst of the contrived ‘Russia conspiracy’ witch hunt.

“Democrats in the U.S. failed to [topple] Trump at election time – now preparing to put him through impeachment under false pretenses,” he added.

“Member of the Federation Council Alexey Pushkov is convinced that the actions of the US Congress are contrary to the political course of American leader Donald Trump,” reports SM News. “The discrepancy concerns the Syrian question.”

“The senator believes such measures increasingly distance Russia and the United States from cooperation in the fight against terrorism in the region. In the end, even the possibility of interaction can be unreachable.”

Russian officials have made clear their disgust with the mainstream Western media and “schizophrenic” American political establishment.

“You know what surprises me? Those who are destabilizing the internal US political situation using anti-Russian slogans either don’t understand that they are bringing this nonsense in on their own side, and then they are just stupid, or else they understand everything, and then they are dangerous and corrupt people,” said Vladimir Putin earlier this week. “We see that the United States has been developing political schizophrenia, this is the only thing I can think of when I hear allegations saying that the president has revealed some secrets to Lavrov.”

“Are you guys American newspaper reading again? Don’t need to read them,” cautioned Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova. “They can be used in different ways, but there is no need to read lately. It is not only unhealthy, but dangerous.”

Moscow has offered to release a full transcript of the meeting between President Trump and Russian ambassador, Sergey Lavrov, to prove that Trump did not disclose highly classified information, as the Washington Post has claimed in a report that the Kremlin called “utter nonsense.”

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