Lynwood, California City Manager Jose Ometeotl Posts “Chickens Come Home To Roost” After 2 Young Deputies Shot In Head In Ambush Attack

(Gateway Pundit) – The two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies who were shot in an ambush attack last night are both in stable condition.

The 31-year-old mother of a six-year-old was hit in the jaw and arms.

She was shot in the jaw and was able to call for help!

The 24-year-old officer was hit in the forehead, an arm and in the hand.

Law enforcement is still looking for the shooter.

On Sunday night reporter Bill Melugin from FOXLA posted this image from local Lynwood city Manager Jose Ometeotl’s Instagram account.

Jose Ometeotl posted “Chickens come home to roost” blaming the deputies and law enforcement for the attack.

The two young deputies had NOTHING TO DO with any historic wrongs in the community.

In his hateful screed Ometeotl accuses local sheriff’s deputies of having “murdered, framed and stole from the community just because they could.”

This is the modern day left in America– hateful, dishonest and unhinged.

Ometeotl has since put his account on private.


  1. Mr Mayor- You are advocating that it is OK for someone to walk into your office, put a gun to your head, and pull the trigget. REALLY!
    If it’s OK for these deputies on duty, then fair is fair. Let’s have everyone play by the same set of rules.

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  4. This azzzhat probably can’t even manage his own checkbook. If he gets shot in the face or the head, I’m gonna guess it had something to do with the fried chicken and watermelon….

  5. This man needs to be fired. If as City Manager he is aware of (as claimed) rogue deputies in criminal activities and does nothing in his role he is just as culpable.
    If he is making it up to cover his hate of police, he still needs to be fired.
    No city, county or state official should act or talk that way when anyone is shot in ambush like these two were. He probably supports defunding and abolishing police. And this man controls City Budget scary.

    • Agreed! Is this the low character level of the people in this city in that they would put this junk in charge of their city?


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