Looters Raid Target Store Near Minneapolis In Midst Of ‘George Floyd Protests’ – Steal TVs, Clothes, Groceries – No Police Around! (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Looters busted windows and raided a Target store near Minneapolis on Wednesday evening.

Target is getting cleaned out!

Looters were seen on video stealing televisions, clothes and groceries.

There are no police around!

The looting took place in the midst of the George Floyd protest.

Protesters and looters held “black lives matter” signs.

WATCH (language warning):

A Minneapolis police officer was filmed kneeling on a black man’s neck on Monday.

The victim, George Floyd, said he couldn’t breathe but the police officer kept his knee on his neck.

Floyd then died during the arrest.

So now the black community near Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct building is looting Target in protest of George Floyd’s death. Makes sense.

More footage from protests near Minneapolis:



  1. If the officers are at fault then they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. BUT these looting leaches are beyond pathetic. They have been conditioned for so long by the Democrats that they have adopted a very similar motto: “Don’t let any crisis go without a good looting for a big-ass TV”!

  2. Easy to understand why no police were around. Another example of democrat/liberal belief “never let a crisis go to waste.” Black Lives Matter encouraged looting just undermines the support and concern of other people — white, asian, indian, whatever: and that would be the majority of Americans, contrary to prejudiced beliefs. How many employee in that Target were “black” and now will not be going to work, or will Target pull out of the neighborhood altogether. ALL actions have consequences…you can’t pick and choose.

  3. “Black Lives Matter”, sure would like those signs posted every weekend in Chicago. Where blacks kill blacks by the dozens/hundreds. A conviction rate of about 50%. …Evidence of at the very least. There’s something terribly wrong of justice for all……

  4. The details of what happened during this incident have not all been revealed But it certainly does appear the police officers present at the scene are in serious trouble, One has to wonder WHY the other officers present did not stop what was happening to this man? and there definitely needs to be an immediate investigation into this incident, However that did not justify looting and destruction of private property and the Mayor did not help his city by his public statements, He should have conveyed his statements to the State Attorney and the Police chief and these officers should have been suspended immediately pending an immediate investigation into this mans death it most certainly does appear that negligence and misconduct rising to criminal behavior did occur, But Why does that justify rioting and destruction of property? Simple answer IT DOESNT.We dont have instant justice in this country as some of these rioters want everyone is entitled to a fair trial.We all have to feel very sorry for this man and his family, But violence and destruction of others property IS NOT THE SOLUTION, These store owners had nothing to do with this mans death or the actions of these police officers.Black LIVES MATTER is trying to be a credible organization but their actions are not helping their cause.

  5. Democrats love other people’s property folks . This always happens with this tribe of liberal trash . Tomorrow they’ll complain the stores are closed forever and blame others for their crimes .

    Sounds like Obama doesn’t it folks ?


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