Look Who Anti-Trump Protesters Hired For Security At Their Anti-NRA Protest. This is Awkward.

July 15, 2017 12:01 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – The Left seems immune to irony. This is no more in evidence whenever the Left holds anti-gun rallies that are require protection.

On Friday, the Women’s March and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown organization marched from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington, D.C. The point of the argument was to denounce the NRA, but the marchers hired armed security guards anyway, via Townhall.

The hypocrisy is downright staggering.

The marchers apparently took to the streets of D.C. for no particular reason. They held signs decrying that “Real Men Don’t Need Guns,” that the NRA does not respect the rights of women, and that the NRA is full of hateful racists, misogynists, and Islamophobes.

Where is the evidence to back up these claims?

On last count, the number of mass shooters affiliated with the Democratic Party far outnumbers the number of mass shooters with active NRA memberships, via Truth About Guns.

Also, isn’t ironic that the Women’s March, which is a typically misandry organization full of fourth wave feminists, had to be guarded by large men packing guns?

On a broader level, such marches obscure the real truth about gun violence in the United States. The official bogeymen of the Left–white, Christian Republicans who live in rural America–account for only a small fraction of gun-related violence.

In truth, American blacks, who vote for Democrats over ninety-percent of the time, commit violent crimes at rates that are seven to ten times greater than the white violent crime rate. Even where blacks are sharp minority, such as in Los Angeles, they commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, including gun offenses, via Daily Wire.

As for the NRA being anti-women, which would a woman rather have during a sexual assault–a rape whistle or a concealed gun?

Far-Left colleges have even told women to pee or puke on command in order to avoid rape, via YouTube.

At the end of the day, the very fact that Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian jihad activist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, leads the Women’s March is proof enough of its real goal. Blind feminists are being led to sharia by a radical in a hijab.

Sarsour made her true intentions clear when she called on Muslims to wage jihad on President Trump. She and her supporters are the really violent ones, via The Federalist.


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