LOL: James Woods Tweets Hilarious “Birth Of A Democrat” Video

January 11, 2019 11:17 am  

( – James Woods shared this week a fascinating look at the “birth of a Democrat,” a moment caught on camera in which a fresh, new, entitled Democrat was born.

And it’s hilarious.

“In a rare television event,” he tweeted, “we witness the actual birth of a Democrat. Let’s take a peek…”

The clip is from an episode of Dr. Phil, in which 15-year-old Nicolette is confronted by her mother Nina, who admits she spoiled the girl her whole life.

Nina laments that she has raised an “extravagant, spoiled and bratty” daughter, saying, “Nicolette has always had the best of anything and everything.”

She explains her daughter would spend up to $10,000 a month, and when she cut her allowance from $5,000 to $1,000, things only got worse.

On the program, however, Nina had a suggestion.

“I think the best thing would be to start with a job,” she said.

The girl can’t even handle this idea, immediately bursting into tears and crying “No. No! Noooo!”

“You need a job,” Dr. Phil sternly agrees.

“No, I don’t want a job,” Nicolette whined. “It’s so much work.”

“I’m tired from work. I don’t want to do that.”

Yup, sounds just like a Democrat! All we have left to wonder is if she’ll be voting for Bernie 2020, or writing in Ocasio-Cortez?

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