TWO MORE GOP LAWMAKERS Call on Liz Cheney to Step Down as House Conference Chair Before She Destroys Party — It May Be Too Late

( Exclusive) – Liz Cheney is currently serving as the House Republican Chair, which makes her the third-ranked member of the GOP in the House of Representatives. This was a position she was elected to by other Republicans in the party.

Unfortunately, as Gateway Pundit points out, Cheney is also a very outspoken hater of President Donald Trump, something she’s not at all been shy about, especially in recent days. This makes her a huge enemy of the people of this country, as she’s not using her power and authority to help the president out with the impeachment witch hunt, nor with all of the voter fraud that led to this election being stolen from Trump and the American people.

On Tuesday of this week, Liz Cheney made it clear she intended to vote to impeach the president. Yes, that’s right. A Republican is siding with the Democrats to work against President Trump, blaming him for the insanity that unfolded at the Capitol building last week.

HERE THEY ARE: The 10 House Republicans Who Broke With Their Party To Vote For Impeachment.

Rep. Liz Cheney
Rep. John Katko
Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Rep. Fred Upton
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler
Rep. Dan Newhouse
Rep. Peter Meijer
Rep. Anthony Gonzalez
Rep. Tom Rice
Rep. David Valadao

Never mind the fact that President Trump held 86 rallies between Labor Day and the 2020 election in November, with a total of 1.1 million attenders, without any broken windows, murders, or police assaults. The left is totally ignoring that there were hundreds of thousands of people at the “Stop the Steal” event, but only a very small group of individuals caused any trouble.

All that matters is impeaching Trump, convicting him, and stopping him from ever running for office again.

Joy Behar, co-host of “The View,” was tickled pink by the news.

But guess what? On Tuesday evening, two Republican Reps. Matt Rosendale and Andy Biggs called on Cheney to step down from her position after she blatantly broke Republican Conference rules during her statements about President Trump.

Then, on Wednesday morning, two more members of the GOP called on her to resign her post as conference chair before she annihilates the Republican Party.

It’s noble that these lawmakers want to try and rescue the Republican Party from the brink of destruction, but given the fact they haven’t stood with President Trump during this whole fiasco with the current election, it looks like the damage may already be done and the GOP headed for death.

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  1. Remove Liz Cheney from the chair and elected a patriot, she should be primary out in 2022, but she does not represent the 75 million who voted for president Trump. Now she is the media darling but those same media attached her and her family when Rino Vp Cheney was in office, it’s only a matter of time before the soulless demrats and fake news kick her to pile after the use her to betray the Republican Party core values!

  2. Liz Chaney is being advised by her Dad, Dick! Remember V.P. Fir Bush, remember Twin Towers. Remember Trump Administration has a lot of investigations with lots and lots of branches that keep going back farther and farther.

  3. Republican Party is a disgrace. They have never supported Trump, except for a few, and they look down their noses at the 75 million who voted fro him. The old “country club” Repuyblicns are gone or elderly and the future is small business people and minorities. I doin’t think the Republican Party has seen this. I will give them no more money.

  4. Liz Cheney is a RHINO and should step down. She is like Mitt Romney, John Kasich and ten others that should not be in the Republican Party, Republicans need to vote theses people out of your party and let them be Democrappers. Just look at the ten voters and how they destroyed President Trump. Those that voted to Impeach the POTUS are rotten Democrappers elected into the Republican Party. Know who your enemies that are in your party and get rid of those RHINOS that are destroying the republicans.

  5. It is beyond comprehension that members of Our Republican Party could be so misled by the Democrats. I have trouble understanding what they intend to gain from this . Are they working for us the people who elected them or do they have a personal reason for turning their backs on The Americans that voted for them to represent us ? It is clear that Our President is the winner of this fraudulent election ! Their job is to represent our choice !

  6. Republican Party has not lost its backbone!!!! It never had one!!! The party stood erect for a short while under Newt but thats about it. They are fast to turn on their own when the slightest amount of blood is in the water! Dems do not, they rally around their own, world be damned! RINO’s must be vomited out like bad sushi!!!!! PRIMARY TIME FOLKS!! Start with the congressmen that voted against President Trump!!

  7. Its seems a futile effort, Its one thing to suggest that she resign from her position but it takes courage for the entire assembly to force her out RINOS will always be RINOS. The Republican party especially those within the power structure seem to have lost any courage to fight back and if they dont regain that courage we are headed for disaster by the end of BIDENS term we will be a country that we dont even recognize. We seem to have forgotten that we are supposed to have a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE, We had better wake up in this country and realize that the Government IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS, THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.We will NEVER change anything through violent behavior, We change things by becoming active in our legislative process, and by voting out of office those that dont follow the Constitution AS WRITTEN. We have stood on the sidelines far too long and allowed our representives to gain way too much power while ignoring the wishes of the American people, Now its time to stand up and defend our rights as citizens.


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