Lindsey Graham Warns Donald Trump Not to Mess with Obama’s Executive Order or He’ll Stand in the Way

January 10, 2017 2:49 pm  

Friend and Patriot,

I just got back from a shocking visit to Capitol Hill where I met with key members of the Washington political establishment.

I was there to represent The Tea Party in meetings concerning the new Trump Administration.

But our conversations focused on the views of the Republican National Committee and whether they plan to join you, me and President Trump is Making America Great Again.

I am completely and thoroughly disgusted by what I’ve discovered.

The Washington Establishment is going to sell out you, every Tea Party American and even President Trump himself!

Unless we stop them.

Now, I am going to need your help – and the help of thousands of our fellow Tea Party members – to right the wrongs I’ve uncovered.

We must work together – right now – to get them to change their tack. No more same old, same old.

That’s why I must ask you to act right now: send an URGENT WARNING Blast to the RNC and every member of Congress – we must let them know REAL Americans support President Trump’s drive to Drain The Swamp – and that every Republican Congressman and Senator must be with us.They must align themselves with the American people, not vested interests, crony capitalists and career politicians.

President Trump means no more “business as usual” in Washington.

He actually means it when he swears to uphold the United States Constitution, keep our borders secure and restore our economy.

It’s time to Make America Great Again. And we can only achieve that by saying NO to Washington insiders and special interest groups.

Please help me get this message across, right there in Washington, DC.

We must make the RNC wake up to the fact that we will absolutely not allow anyone to sabotage President Trump with any Big Government, Washington-insider schemes.

But right now, like ostriches, the Washington political insiders are burying their heads in the sand. They are refusing to accept what every conservative in America knows.

I tried to tell them – but I can see I must add many, many more voices to mine.

Only if I go to their offices on First Street, right on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, sending along a million more URGENT WARNINGS signed by real Americans, can I convince them…

…that Tea Party voters will only work with the GOP if they support President Trump’s pro-American vision.

We must drown out the noise from the gaggle of insiders, lobbyists and cronies who are pushing and pushing for candidates, bureaucrats and decision-makers that will continue to work with the GOP’s Old Guard Establishment…

and shut out Tea Party members completely.

They want to keep the place safe for their Big Business lobbyists, career politicians and those well-meaning, but outdated, dinosaurs in the party.

We must send them an URGENT WARNING. For unless we tell them loud and clear, they will never allow a national debate on the serious issues confronting our country that truly matter: illegal immigration, the National Debt, Obamacare, the erosion of Checks and Balances and out-of-control gun laws.

The Republican National Committee is not our enemy.

Most members are very good people.

But there are also people who are entrenched, entitled and resistant to change.

These are the people we must reach.

We MUST show them that Americans will not be ridden over roughshod. We are sick and tired of a Congress that ignores us…

…a ruling class who despise us…

…and Republican leaders who have failed to stand up to the never-ending assault on our freedoms from the leftists who hate America.

That’s why I, and The Tea Party, are going to take our very considerable power to Washington to convince the Republican National Committee that they must get behind candidates who demonstrate Tea Party values.


We must remind them that The Tea Party is the party of the silent majority. There are millions and millions of us. We just showed them that.

They overlook us at their peril.

Remember how scared Karl Rove looked at the onset of the Republican Presidential debates on TV? How shocked the RNC and the insider political establishment were to see just who we, the people, really liked and admired?

They just didn’t get it! Their insiders flamed out against fresh, pro-American speech from political outsiders.

They couldn’t believe it! Trump, CRUSHED the Establishment picks like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham.

Americans loved it! Something fresh and new. Here was someone who called it like it was.

He was loud, he was calm and he was smart. The indisputable favorites was the man who put America first.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to send an URGENT WARNING TO THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. They need reminding that they ignore their base AT THEIR PERIL!

Our URGENT WARNING is going to cover the 15 principles of The Tea Party. Our principles are pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-The Bill of Rights and based on patriotism and traditional family values.

If you believe the Republican National Committee should stand with President Trump and these 15 Principles, I must ask you to please lend your support to mine. Please send your URGENT WARNING FROM THE TEA PARTY TO THE RNC.

Then I want to add at least one million more URGENT WARNING petitions to yours. A loud and vocal electorate is the only thing Washington truly understands. And if we’re loud and angry enough they WILL sit up and take notice.

Will you lend your voice to mine? Will you do this for America?

We must ensure that Obama’s liberal values are removed from the White House and President Trump’s strong, America First vision is realized.

We don’t want cronyism. We won’t favor foreigners over our own people. We don’t want RINOs. We want rock-ribbed, Constitutional conservatives who put America and Americans first.

You have to help me warn the RNC right now. Please send your URGENT WARNING today.

It’s time for us to get out the word. Washington insiders are already plotting to sabotage President Trump. We must ensure that the RNC knows which values Republican congressmen and senators must embrace…


Please send your URGENT WARNING FROM THE TEA PARTY TO THE RNC right now. I want your voice to be counted.

In addition to blasting this message to RNC Chief Reince Priebus and ALL 535 members of Congress, I’ll provide the results to all branches of the national news media: radio, cable, broadcast TV, newspapers and the internet – as well as the power brokers within the Republican Party.

And I will share your response with President Trump.

This URGENT WARNING FROM THE TEA PARTY TO THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE project will send a message that the GOP — and all of Washington — must listen to us!

The Tea Party doesn’t have swanky offices like the RNC, but we are vital to their future. We are the citizens and the voters who will decide whether the Republican candidate defeats the Democrat in EVERY SINGLE RACE.

We’re going to tell the Tea Party Representatives and Senators to make it their business to warn the RNC that we mean it. Without us, and our votes, they lose. It’s that simple. They want to treat us like crazies. We know we are all on the same side.

That’s why this URGENT WARNING is so important.

Let’s do this together. Please send your URGENT WARNING FROM THE TEA PARTY TO THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE immediately.

Then I will add an additional 1,000,000 voices to yours. Only if we can blast out a huge number of signed URGENT WARNING appeals along with yours…

…can we be sure that the Republican National Committee will understand that we really mean it and they must ensure that their candidates embrace Constitutional values.

For the good of our nation, we must elect the right people.


We don’t get any government support. We depend entirely upon the generosity of great Americans like you.

This is going to be a dirty campaign and I have no idea what obstacles we will have to overcome. I do know that there will be severe pushback from the Establishment types, the RINOs and their Big Government and Big Business cronies.

Please, send your signed URGENT WARNING FROM THE TEA PARTY TO THE RNC right away. Every day of delay is one less day we have to save America’s future. There is no time to lose.

Thank you for your support. And God Bless America.

Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. We both know Washington insiders are plotting to sabotage President Trump. But did you know some of them are working directly within the Republican National Committee?

Please send your URGENT WARNING FROM THE TEA PARTY TO THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE today. We must tell the RNC that they must stand with President Trump for true small government, the Constitution and pro-American policies. Please know that The Tea Party exists because you, the people of America, have spoken and we will not rest in our efforts to fight for our beloved country. Your moral and financial support are vitally important. Thank you, Steve.

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