Lindsey Graham Still Has No Hearings Scheduled On FISA Court Abuse Or The Historic Obama Spygate Scandal

(Gateway Pundit) – Since The Gateway Pundit first reported this story nearly 5 months ago NOTHING has changed.

Lindsey Graham has still refused to hold a single hearing on how the Mueller probe started.

On May 1, 2019 Lindsey Graham, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, promised investigations on how the Mueller probe started.

He made the the comments during testimony by US Attorney General Bill Barr in front of the US Senate.

But Lindsey Graham lied.

Senator Lindsey Graham is a fraud.

Lindsey Graham has scheduled NO COMMITTEE HEARINGS on the largest political scandal in US history — the Spygate scandal.

Lindsey Graham has refused to call in any FBI, CIA, or State Department operatives who lied to the FISA Court and then spied on opposition candidate Donald Trump and then President Donald Trump.

Recently Lindsey Graham announced he had requested the Department of Justice to prepare 21 former and current Obama officials to testify before the US Senate.

But this was just another bluff by Lindsey Graham.

As Paul Sperry reported — Despite promising for several months now to hold hearings on the FISA Abuses/ #SpyGate and Biden-Burisma/Ukraine interference scandals, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham still has no hearings scheduled, according to his committee calendar:

Lindsey Graham and the Republican Senate have refused to investigate the scandals against Trump.

Whose side are they on?


  1. Sean Hannity has got to get to the bottom of this. He maybe the only one to get answers from this POS. People need to start to be hung for their Treasonous/Seditious Acts against POTUS. Starting with Odumbo and then about 10,000 more.

  2. Lindsey still has his head up McCain ass, he forgot to pull it out before they put him down. Lindsey never planned to do any investigations. If he brings about one investigations on the Democrats, they will level him with his call boys he gives tours too. S.C. should vote anyone but him.

  3. Lyndsey Graham our Senator in SC. Is completely full of shit , he promises the world in front of the Cameras , then when it comes down to it HE DOES NOTHING. . he has been singing this toon for the last six years , every time when he has a townhall in the community of Hilton Head and surrounding area , he never answers the questions that are given to him. Just tells us to leave our name with his people and he will get back to us. Even when I quote roll call , which is his voting record , about bills that he voted for and against , he tells Us he can’t remember. He is a total fraud , loves the camera , but is an incompetent Senator and we are trying to get rid of him in November.

  4. Right on all accounts. Graham is a farce and a liar. His promises mean crap. He has now had more than enough time to hold a hearing. He has become his best friend, McCain. Let’s see what other traitorous acts he pulls. Disgraceful. Trump should turn his back when he asks for help.

  5. Perhaps Senator Graham is waiting for the Durham report. If he does nothing after it’s released, he should be recalled by his constituents. I hope the entire Republican majority in the Senate keep on him to insure we finally get JUSTICE!!!

  6. I write Lindsey emails every day about hearings and get back a form letter telling me how great he is. It’s disgusting. I’m so pissed. The Republican backers are in jail and guilty Democrats are not held accountable. And Republicans want my money. I don’t think so. Not with their weak , scared , do nothing , get along Republicans

  7. If this is true I am so very sick and tired of politician lies! If true I am definitely disappointed in Mr. Graham!!!!! After his standing up for who is now on the highest court in the land and his awesome speech letting them have it I was so impressed!!!! If true he’s lost all respect and it’s disheartening again!!!! Between the Fake news which is propaganda we’re becoming like country’s that the government only wants them to hear!!! Looks like only a matter of time until we’re not a socialist nationwide but a communist country! Socialism is just the first step to communism. Our President Trump has been our only hope and has more guts and fight in him for we the people I have seen in my lifetime! I am 70 year’s old. As I said IF TRUE it’s the worst yet!!!! IF NOT I REST MY CASE ON THE JOURNALISTS OF THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

  8. Seriously been wondering if he’s being threatened by the Deep State/ Hillary ” suicide ” killers. He’d probably like to do the right thing, but I’d be scared if they were threatening me( seeing as their list of victims keeps growing). It’s like a movie , but unfortunately real, watching how they stop at nothing to silence people.

  9. He’s all talk, no action. Have the hearings! Then when the Durham report comes out he can bring them back in and ask about their lies.

    • Did he take lessons from Barr or did Barr take lessons from him? We have no DOJ that works for the people and as for Congress, well, we all know the only thing they are interested in is filling their pockets at our expense.

  10. Lindsey’s colleague John McStain was passing out copies of the Steele dossier like candy at Halloween to deep staters.

    McCain , unbeknownst to him the cabal had already planted the “ evidence “ in this sordid story . McCain was a deep stater, or a loser ,or both .

    He’s both and much more folks .


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