Lindsey Graham Introduces New Legislation To Deal With Border Crisis – May Include Amnesty

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(Gateway Pundit) – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) chairman of the Judiciary Committee, held a press conference Wednesday morning to announce new immigration legislation, the Secure and Protect Act of 2019.

The legislation is his attempt to fix the broken US immigration system.

The legislation will require future immigrants to seek access to the United States via the American consulates in their country.

Lindsey Graham: “In the future, you can apply for asylum from Central America, but you have to do so in an American consulate or embassy in your home country.”

Graham ripped Democrats during his speech this morning.

“To my Democratic colleagues: your credibility on this issue is pretty low right now. You need to understand that you were wrong. This was a real problem. To the president: you need to do more than talk about fixing it. You need to fix it.”

There are concerns the plan will provide amnesty for illegal aliens already in the United States. reported:

“I want to start a debate on how to fix this problem before it just swamps the border … and I’m willing to do things that Democrats want to close these loopholes,” Graham said Sunday on Fox News.

Democratic leaders have made clear for more than two years that they want a no-strings amnesty for at least three million illegals. They have also called for changes in asylum rules to aid migrants living in Central American countries and for faster processing of asylum claims.

While offering unnamed concessions to Democrats, Graham also noted the 2020 election might force Democrats to help enforce the border laws.


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