Lightfoot Tells Constituents To Cancel Thanksgiving, But Look What People Were Doing In The Streets Just Days Ago…

( Exclusive) – Mayors and governors all across the United States have seemingly lost their minds over the coronavirus pandemic, pushing out all kinds of liberty infringing “mandates” to try and stop the spread of a virus with a 99 percent survival rate.

This has caused many citizens to feel a bit hot under the collar after being shutdown earlier this year, a move which devastated the economy. It is still trying to recover from the massive blow.

Now, it seems, the left wants to start the shenanigans all over again, this time cancelling big family get-togethers and holidays, like Thanksgiving.

According to BizPacReview, that’s precisely what Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has decided to do. Lightfoot recently issued a “stay-at-home” order and demanded her constituents cancel Thanksgiving plans due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the city.

As you might imagine, this is not sitting well with folks in Chicago, many of whom are putting Lightfoot on blast for her hypocrisy in not condemning massive celebrations for Joe Biden’s “victory.” She herself actually participated in one of these so-called “superspreader.”

In fact, there’s footage of this massive gathering, with Lightfoot in attendance, partying it up in celebration of the very prematurely called 2020 presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Notice she had a mask but wasn’t wearing it properly. According to many different scientific sources, if you don’t wear the mask correctly, it’s essentially useless. You’re not supposed to touch your face or the mask once it is on without washing your hands.

Doesn’t seem like Lightfoot is taking her own advice, does it?

I guess the only way to get COVID is when you have family get-togethers and parties. You can go out in crowds of hundreds and thousands to protest, riot, or celebrate a presidential election and be totally safe. Coronavirus won’t get you there.

Take a look at some of the backlash Lightfoot has earned with this show of bold hypocrisy:

So yeah. It’s totally cool to be part of a “superspreader” event so long as it is aligned perfectly with some sort of leftist political cause. It seems that when you do that, you can’t catch the illness. Strange that it only spreads at Republican events, huh?

People should not put up with this. They need to let the mayor know how they feel about the whole thing and seek to fight against the nonsensical, tyrannical steps that folks like her are pushing on the American people out of fear.

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  1. Lori looks Sooo! creepy & DERANGED. I live in a Democrat state but our leaders Dont Talk or Act like Lori there more civilized. I would b ASHAMED to b seen in Public with her. Creeepy!!!

  2. It seem that the left pushing more and more to take away your freedoms away. It’s ok to pretest, loot and riot, and kill each other. But it’s ok to go to church, or have family gatherings. It’s not ok to open some businesses, but they still have to pay for their permitters. It’s ok for you not to pay your rent, but the landlord still has to make the bank payments. Where will this lead us to? And who’s going to pay for all this free shit?

  3. There is NO constitutional law that states that a mayor of any city can make you stay in your house, or apartment. This a free country for now, but keep a look over your shoulder, because in a short time these same people will be taking away more of your freedoms.

  4. Lori Lightfoot is a certified lunatic. With a sub-human, democrat mind set, she is on the band wagon to destroy this country for selfish motives and power. These maggots will slowly burn out under the light of truth………….

  5. The only thing that needs to be done is canceling this dumb cow. She was handed a Dem mess when she took office and only made it worse. Time for a major change in Chicago and many other places run into the ground by Dems.

  6. It is interesting how the democrats keep costing Americans their resources but put on the suit of piety pretending the citizens see them through their own corrupted eyes.
    The illegals the dems want to harbor even if they commit crimes that cost lives. The dems cost America millions with their attempts to remove the President with their false investigations that proved only one thing . . . that the dems lied and abused the government agencies causing violations of our laws with out have to experience any consequences. The burning and looting of cities and communities. Lives of police lost or destroyed because the police had the audacity to enforce our laws. now the nation is turned upside down by what is recognized as an illegitimate election as a result of their continuing track record of theft and deceit just because they are incompetent and lack truthful integrity which the majority of Americans recognize. they are a den of thieves.

  7. It is curios that the democratic controlled states are having the most difficulty with the virus and use this illness to deny constitutional freedoms. It is also of interest as they deny rights they also deny a validated proven treatment the same way they paint President Trump as a villain. Is that the created reason to infuse the democrat’s heavy handed use of fear control over the people?

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