“LIES!” Air Force Officer Blows Navy SEAL Death Investigation WIDE OPEN, Obama Implicated

April 20, 2017 1:02 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Obama has been implicated in the death of quite a few Americans during his time as president. We had NO IDEA that he was responsible for such a senseless tragedy.

It all started in 2011, when a Chinook helicopter gunship killed 38 fighters in Afghanistan. It turns out there was a brutal call from our U.S. military, backed by Obama, that caused the death of 38 men and women who were fighting for our country. The truly sad part is that this all could have been prevented, but the rules of engagement were changed by Obama.

Image via Circa.com

Retired Air Force Capt. Joni Marquez came out and spoke at length about the events that occurred that night. Marquez and her crew were working in the wee hours of the morning on an AC-130 gunship. They were called to a location to deal with an emergency situation.

The AC-130 flew in to provide support for troops who were in a ground fight with Taliban insurgents. The crew discovered that there were enemies hiding all along the ridge where the terrorists were hiding.They opened fire and only killed six of the eight that were in the battle.

Marquez was the fire control officer of the ship. Her job was ensuring that the ship’s sensors could point out and target enemies. She let the ground commander on duty know that there were two enemies alive and asked if she could engage. They told her no.

At this point, all they could do is follow the enemies and relay their location. The two living soldiers made it back to town and proceeded to rally up the rest of the fighters in town to take action.

The result? A rocket-launched grenade was aimed and fired directly on the friendly Chinook. The airship went down and killed a total of 38 people. Of the victims, 30 were American and the rest were Afghans.

In an interview with Marquez, she stated that she believes that her team could have saved the day if they were allowed to fire on the two soldiers who got away. Eventually, the two men who got away rallied enough people to become a group of 12 — with the fatal rocket launcher. Our soldiers are already overseas dying for our freedom. Obama literally set these men and women up for failure.

He changed the engagement rules right after he took office. If they would have been allowed to fire on the remaining two terrorists who got away, this situation would have been nipped in the bud, and therefore, lives would have been saved.

This scenario begs the question, how much death must occur before we change the way we engage enemies? Obviously, President Trump has a great hand in our military. He has changed the way that we work in our battles. He has helped set us up in a position where we can save the lives of more Americans.

We know that this battle is going to be long. However, with the guidance of a president who cares about the American people — including our soldiers — we can move forward and help our GREAT country flourish.


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