Your Liberty Has Been Revoked!

June 6, 2015 10:03 am  
REVOKED | YOUR LIBERTY HAS BEEN REVOKED | Liberal Hate Klan Has You In Their Crosshairs!

Tea Party Is Sending A ‘REVOKE LIBERTY WARNING’ To All
50 Governors, 100 Senators and 435 Members Of The House…
But, We Need Your Approval!
Dear Fellow Tea Party Loyalist,

Brace yourself.

Our Tea Party Reconnaissance Team has learned of something so terrifying it knocked the wind out of me when I heard it. I shudder just thinking about it.

Warning: this is NOT an easy pill to swallow.

Among us is a Liberal Hate Klan composed of liberal fascists about to finish off America. They have been meeting in secret with their comrade Obama to plan the final strike upon America.

Killing American exceptionalism is their only goal. It is the only way globalists can succeed at grabbing U.S. assets and installing the globalist agenda Obama started.

Their horrific plot is to increase the expansion of the Obama Plan to denigrate America and to bring America to her knees so the rest of the world can catch up, thus leveling the playing field making all nations the same.

Can you imagine being the SAME as those in Iraq and Iran and other countries that oppress their people?

This is nothing less than the abuse of power and the blatant disregard for the Constitution. It’s not only UN-AMERICAN it’s ANTI-AMERICAN!

Liberal Hate Klan Planning To REVOKE YOUR LIBERTY.
Are You Ready to Become Dependent On The State?
Get ready because if the Liberal Hate Klan is not stopped now will be far more reaching and destructive than all of Obama’s Muslim World Order combined. Here’s what it looks like:
Phase 1 – Obama is elected and installs the final solution for America.
Phase 2 – Obama successor finishes the job and revokes liberty.
Phase 3 – National Globalist America exports National Globalism to the world for domination.
Phase 4 – One World Globalist rule, liberty becomes antiquated.
It is devastating and I am NOT kidding. This is nothing to joke about! The Tea Party Reconnaissance Team discovered the Liberal Hate Klan’s Fascist Secret Agenda more by accident – and thank God!

I don’t want to share it all with you but I must. My pledge to you has always been honesty. First, have you signed the REVOKE LIBERTY WARNING yet? If not, please do that now!

You need to know what destruction is coming. You need to be able to help stop it and protect your loved ones.

Look at this horrifying list. What is even more chilling is that you will see so much of this has already been initiated or done. I just want to be sick…look at this list:

Insight riots in major cities making police the American Gestapo
Absolute gun control and confiscation Government expansion of Obamacare
Toppling of the 1 percent to redistribute everyone’s wealth
Retirement account seizing and redistribution
Demanding U.N forces patrol American streets
National Automobile registry so the government can track and own your car
Eradicate the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, NRA, and all Patriot organizations
Welcome ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, al-Qa’ida as displaced aliens
Force all US borders open and accessible to the world
Build additional 100,000 FEMA camps
Pass the Parent Child Reform Act – giving government ownership of children if parents are deemed unfit. (The government to define what ‘unfit’ means.)
Remove all religious referenced material from government and public forums
And that’s the short list!
But it does NOT have to be this way! This is why we are getting ready to launch
several hundred thousand, maybe even a million Revoke Liberty Warnings
to every lawmaker in DC and every governor across the country.Today I am asking you to help us. Please… personally sign the REVOKE
 I never say “you HAVE to do this” but I am saying it
today.When you read what’s next you will understand…First, the New World Order will take form and a new term will emerge as a
definition of what truly is being planned:”National Globalism”When you hear these words they should frighten you to the core.Every nation will keep its identity but will conform to the Globalist agenda.

Thus, their nationalism will be precast into a globalist mold, receiving
assistance from the other members of the globalist nations. There will be a
boycotting of those nations yet to join the globalist community. They will be
deemed outcasts and made to feel like they are in the wrong.

The New World order will be super imposed over the national frame work of
each individual nation.

Who will spear head the globalization of the world? America will under
the corrupted hand of Barrack Hussein Obama will lead the charge after
he leaves the Oval Office.

But…he won’t be alone. The next president, using the full force and power of
the US government, will push for the National Globalist agenda, too.

Obama’s successor? Don’t be too sure Queen Bee Hillary will be the Democrats nomination for President.

All of these candidates and people of power have sold out National Globalists. Fear them!!!




And that is why the TEA PARTY IS FIGHTING BACK!

We’ve created a message so powerful it’ll rock the Liberal Hate Gestapo – stop
them dead in their tracks. We’re going to make their blood curdle and make
them writhe in pain.

Are you with me?

Good. Then it is time to roll up our sleeves and refuel the Tea Party War

Sign the REVOKE LIBERTY WARNING today and then give us your best
donation ever – 
whatever amount you can muster up: $25, $50, $100. It all
goes to the good fight and to protecting our freedom.

Tell every lawmaker in the House and Senate and every governor across

This is WAR. Our strategy could stop the Liberal Hate Klan cold but once it?s
deployed there is no telling the wrath they will inflict upon the American people.
I mean this when I say it: make sure you are locked and loaded.

I’m sharing this plan with you because I want you to be part of it?I
carefully selected you because I believe you are a Patriot through and
through. But, first…

I need you to know something…

You know all those rallies, protests, demonstrations, marches, letters, faxes,
phone calls and clandestine operations we have in place?

If you do nothing to help us you can kiss them goodbye. Liberal Hate Klan will
just take America out completely with absolutely NO opposition.

We will fall like wounded soldiers, unable to repair the damage it will
do to us. All we will be able to do is watch while we bleed out.

Look, we all voted in some strong Tea Party conservative congressman this last
election and they are in place, ready to protect America. We have them gearing
up for the final coup de grâce to the Liberal Hate Klan.

We’re going to TAKE THE BIG ONE!

The White House is within our grasp but we have to move fast! Here’s why…

When The Tea Party Reconnaissance Team discovered the Liberal Hate Clan
Checklist there was something else they uncovered…

Diabolical secret tactics?and they’re going to be used by the Liberal Socialists.

Deploy high-end internet marketing and communications to alter public opinion.
Craft highly proficient lies making the listener feel included and making them beneficiaries of the liberal agenda.
Promise improvements to every Americans’ lives.
Form simple verbiage stories so low information voters can easily understand.
Build the illusion of sweeping dreams of inclusion.
Use catchy slogans such as: “Everyone has a stake in making the economy work again”
Convince Americans they are fed up with finger-pointing and shirking of accountability.
Induce fear about world events and only more government can protect them.
Insure safety and security of the individual at retirement
Use false logic to deceive the voters filling their heads with lies like this one that is already in use
-> “If you are a good American and not voting Democrat then you are betraying your country.?
(Our Tea Party Reconnaissance Team as discovered so much more we must be careful how and when we release it.)
This is disgusting?mind-altering strategies that every man, woman and child should fear!

So now that you know what they have planned it is critical mass you understand what we have planned. Fist-pump ready? Okay then…

The Tea Party forces have been expanded exponentially as the battle has grown. The lame-stream media refuses to report on the battle to save liberty by the Tea Party, but you have probably heard about it on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Hannity, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News Network.

Here’s STEP ONE to get the ball rolling:

We are going to send a BLISTERING WARNING to all 100 senators, 435 members of the House of Representatives and all 50 governors warning them about the coming attack of the Liberal Hate Klan. There will be no mincing words. We will tell them how these hate mongers will tear their states apart and revoke liberty across America!

Are you in? Send your Revoke Liberty Warning today! There is no time to waste. We are in crisis-mode.

If you choose not to send the Revoke Liberty Warning to every member of Congress and every governor and not to help us rebuild the Tea Party war chest now…there will be no liberty to save.

Liberty will become a dead heap of nothing on the floor with the life sucked out of it.

With your help we can replenish our Tea Party war chest and start blasting faxes, letters and emails as well as make phone calls to innocent people across America who have NO idea this is taking place – they are some of the most vulnerable!

What’s more, it will give us the firepower and financial ammunition we need to organize rallies, demonstrations, and protests, get more boots on the ground in Washington and hold strategic meetings with fellow Tea Party congressmen and governors.

But, we’ve got to do it NOW.

I am asking, no BEGGING YOU, please sign the Revoke Liberty Warning right away and give your best possible donation to help the Tea Party. It is the ONLY way to get the message out across America.

We are at code-red and on high alert and I need your help now.

The Tea Party Reconnaissance Team just informed me…

The Liberal Hate Klan is about to force America into national globalist control by default! Think I’m kidding?

Patriot, this is going to make your blood run cold. Take a deep breath…now read:

The Liberal Hate Klan is dead set on Federalizing local Police forces no matter how Congress may try to stop it…complying with the U.N. gun grabbing scheme… and pushing his One World agenda, flipping off Congress as they do it.

And they are damn sure they can get away with it! Either by corrupt elections or by forced rioting by liberal operatives they will bring American down.

It is all mapped out and we have just exposed only a small part of this dastardly plan.

The Liberal Hate Klan is using the black community as pawns so federal police power can be installed and liberty revoked. Think about what you have seen over the last few months starting in Ferguson and recently in Baltimore.

It fits doesn’t it?

SECRET PLAN DISCOVERED -> Get this – major cities are about to receive a never-ending uninterrupted curfew. No one can drive, go to the store for milk, go to the theater or take their car to the garage without first notify the authorities about their intended plan to leave their home and move about in public!

Operation Curfew was tried in Ferguson, Missouri and then in Baltimore, Maryland and the liberal hate mongers danced with joy as the federal police owned the streets of the cities! It is all part of the plan.

Tell me you see it.

You and I both know their claim to ‘only protect the people’ is the biggest crock of bull sh*t ever!

The Liberal Hate Klan will use their trickery to slither into office and use their community organizers as street generals to incite rioting and domestic war on our streets.

How do we know this? Because the limited riots in Ferguson and Baltimore was just the TEST RUN to prove the power of the new Federal Street Gestapo.

Please, I pray you will do this – that you will see the blood writing on the wall and move quickly to mobilize with us.

With everything I have I ask you to sign the Revoke Liberty Warning right away so we can get it into the hands of all 100 senators, 435 members of the House of Representatives and all 50 governors immediately.

Do it now, time is running out!
The Tea Party, conservatives and freedom-loving Americans must be mentally,
physically and financially prepared for the battle ahead and it’s going to take
everything we have to brave this new domestic Cold War. Your Liberty will be
revoked unless you act now.

What would America be like today had the Tea Party never happened?

If citizens stayed on the fat couch being fed poison dished out by the lame-stream media?

Where would America be now?

But here’s the thing…we are in grave DANGER!

Our war chest is almost empty and we have to meet our deadlines now – tomorrow or the next day will be too late.

If we miss our deadlines we will be set back more than 100,000-fold. Please, you won’t let that happen will you? Sign the REVOKE LIBERTY WARNING right now and get us back onto the frontlines fighting – will FULL FIREPOWER!

Be sure to give us your best donation of $25, $50, $150 or whatever amount you can afford. That is the only way we can make this happen.

Would you actually let the Patriots of America down?

Listen up. With the Liberal Hate Klan seething hatred for America there is no limit to what they could do!

Not only that but Obama will soon be out of office and be reassigned as Street General leading the attack! He couldn’t bring America down from the inside so all that is left is to bring American to her knees through direct conflict!

If you think it can’t happen then you are sadly mistaken. Either you’re drinking the Kool-aid or you just don’t understand the type of people the Tea Party has been fighting against!

Let me ask you this:

Why would liberals want Iran to have nuclear power but not America?

Why would the liberal hate klan demand to federalize local police and supply them with armored cars, fully automatic attack weapons and heavily armors troop transport vehicles?

Why would top democrats mandate disarming the local police?

Why would government departments demand public gun confiscation all the while ordering billions of hollow point man stopping bullets?

Because the liberal hate klan is planning to overthrow our beloved nation and replace it with a weak third world puppet, either through rigged elections or by force.

We must stop this at all costs! Can you help…please? I don’t beg but today I am begging you. I will do whatever I have to do make sure this vile hate-filled agenda be stopped.



Remember, all it takes are two simple steps:

#1. Sign the powerful Revoke Liberty Warning now.

#2. Donate whatever you can to help rebuild the Tea Party War Chest so we can continue our battle to save America.

Sign it right away so we can unload them on every member of Congress and all 50 governors. This will create a massive avalanche of patriotism they can’t miss and can’t ignore.

Hurry, time is running out!

I have to raise $201,500 in the next 15 days and I need everyone’s help to do it.

Every time we engage the enemy it sucks our resources dry.

We have been fighting gun grabbing, race riots, amnesty, NSA spying, IRS targeting, internet seizing and now the new threat of the National Globalist agenda powered by the Liberal Hate Klan.

Please…I am exhausted and tired to the bone but I must keep marching. Patriot, you are America’s last hope! Please don’t let me down in this dark hour. Help me battle the enemy.

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