Liberals Deliver Absolutely Disgusting Threats To Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis; This Is Truly Sick

( Exclusive) – We’ve all seen an uptick in vile and violent behavior coming out of the radical left over the course of President Trump’s first term in office, and while we should probably be expecting such awful behavior from these animals, it’s still shocking to see the depth of depravity that exists in these folks.

Take, for example, what they’ve been saying to Jenna Ellis, one of the attorneys on President Donald Trump’s legal team that is trying to tackle the current election situation and help ensure that the voting system in our country is kept safe and protected from voter fraud.

According to a new report from Breitbart, Ellis has been receiving a number of threats and late night phone calls from unfamiliar numbers, along with public calls for her to be disbarred.

Ellis spoke with Breitbart through direct message saying she’s received “hundreds of DMs and messages etc threatening me.”

“CNN reporter messaged today accusing me of my bar license being lapsed. Unknown number has called my cell dozens of times between midnight and 4am to blow up my phone and try to get through the DND [do not disturb],” Ellis added.

Ellis then went on to provide Breitbart with a screenshot of text messages she’s been receiving from an unknown person who has tried to pressure her into responding, ending with a message that said, “You’re a f**king c**t. You’re the reason people despise humanity. You deserved to be raped.”

Ellis isn’t the only Trump attorney to be harassed. Many have been the object of scorn by the Lincoln Project, which is made up of Never Trump Republicans who have actually encouraged this sort of outrageous behavior against those working to ensure that our election system is not compromised by voter fraud.

There’s no excuse for someone receiving this kind of treatment. Not a Democrat or a Republican should ever have to endure threats of rape and other forms of physical violence. It’s absolutely deplorable that a human being would ever say something like that to someone just because they have different political beliefs.

Here’s to hoping Ellis and the rest of the Trump team stand strong against this form of blatant intimidation and harassment.

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  1. We are blessed indeed, to have Jenna Ellis and the rest of the Trump legal team. I also include Sidney Powell in this blessing. This election is so fraught with contention and corruption, that I don’t know how any American could have confidence in the process. There is no doubt in my mind, that if the shoe were on the left’s foot and Trump had over come an obvious loss over-night, the Deep State, DOJ, FBI, CIA, Justice department etc., would be on these states like ticks on a hound. I have the utmost respect for these courageous individuals that are reckoning the complaints and affidavits of election fraud. Those who believe anyone deserves to be raped or killed or beaten or spit on for seeking the truth, judge as they may be judged. May GOD have mercy on their lost souls, should they ever repent. I pray that the truth will prevail and justice is served. That these Godless, evil, enslavers, acting under the Democrat party, will not have dominion over good Christian Patriots.

  2. I LOVE the plea for unity from BIDEN but will not condemn Antifa nor BLM as anything more than ideology. Physical damage,harmful/hurtful threats are more than ideologies.

  3. Are thee threats a witness of the unity and toleration of the democratic party which is being revealed as the trash heap revived from history that destroyed so many societies and killed millions of lives and attempted to exterminate the Jews? Yup!

  4. The democrat/communist party has never won an election without voter fraud. However, this year was totally blatant. Even Biden had been quoted as saying in public that he wasn’t worried because he already had the fraud votes in place and the fix was in.
    It is time to declare this election as void and invalid, and that all Biden votes are therefore illegal.
    The president needs to then immediately have all party officials, candidates, house and senate Democrat/communists arrested for treason. Then any and all domestic terrorists, (antifa, BLM), also purged from this country. We have been all over the world fighting terrorism, and yet it has been allowed to grow here unchecked.
    The domestic terrorists are being taught this trash in our universities and it has gone on far too long. Remove the communists out of our country, and don’t let them even come here for education. No communist or socialist country should be allowed to send people here for any college education or even exchange students.
    The Biden crime family should be sent to Ukraine for trial, and then tried for te treason that they have been committing with China as well. I’m appalled that the communist and socialist governments have been calling Biden to congratulate him on being elected. This should tell all of us that these countries wanted him to win and were also very much involved in the voter fraud that was committed.
    Those who try to say that there was no voter fraud, are dumber than an ant and don’t have the brains to come in out of the rain.

    • The fix was in for the today’s democrat party, they’ve proven over and over they’ll do anything to anyone that impedes their march to communism.

      Here in Virginia we call them uneducated progressive liberal trash .

  5. It proves that democratic socialism is a fraud, there is no such thing, this is pure Marxist totalitarian Socialism ,this is how Marxists behave, prosecute ,destroy all opposite views,intimidate ,it was done in all totalitarian marxist regimes throughout history Now it has come here ,thanks to misguided people !

  6. If is the quality of treatment by the left thinking minds of the democrats of people who disagree with the left, for them to be in power will be hell on earth.

  7. The left has no integrity. Lying is their bread and butter. I think if they ever told the truth, they’d fall over in a coma. At times, it is had to remember that these people are mentally sick. How else can one explain their lack of morality, integrity or honesty. Their thirst for power has made them totally unreliable.

    • Integrity isn’t one of their traits for sure , they’re simply progressive liberal trash with a violent streak .

  8. VINNAY VUYURU, We would like to think these deplorable people are on their last leg, But i would not bet on it, The Republican party seems to like the courage to go after any of these people we have endless investigations and nothing is ever concluded. We have a senate committee investigating HUNTER BIDEN and a possible connection of JOE BIDEN being investigated would you want to bet on anything being concluded after millions of dollars spent i wouldnt and the probability of this investigation coming to an end as soon as JOE BIDEN enters the OVAL OFFICE
    IS MORE THAN LIKELY. Its not going to change until we get people elected with backbone and a DOJ HEAD that is willing to investigate and prosecute.Republicans and Consevatives believe the best approach is to remain silent
    and be diplomatic in our apprach NO ITS NOT its time to fight as dirty as they do.


  10. you don’t agree with me so you should be raped

    the democratic party – the kkk, election fraud, owners of black voters and now anti women – this party is on its last leg


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