Liberals Bully Texas Student, Ruin His Reputation – Then Something Tragic Happens

April 19, 2017 1:23 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Straight white males are the left’s favorite targets. They’ve decided it’s “okay” to bully this group of humans — to death.

It started at the University of Texas-Arlington with a student named Thomas Klocke. Klocke was accused of sexually harassing a social justice warrior gay student. The opposite was actually true. The result? Klocke was not given due process and ended up tragically killing himself. (via The College Fix).

Now, Klocke’s father is suing the school for the death of his son. According to the reports, the gay student came on to Klocke. After multiple attempts, Klocke shut down the gay student and informed him that he was straight.

Next, the gay student went and filed a report saying that Klocke sexually assaulted HIM. The reason behind this? It seems obvious that he was trying to protect himself from getting in trouble for sexual harassment.

In an absolute disgrace to the justice system, Klocke was trashed and run through the mud by the school officials and student body. He was never given his due process.

Klocke’s punishment was so insanely harsh that it made our jaws drop. He had his permanent record trashed. He no longer had a chance at going to grad school. He reputation was ruined. Obviously, Klocke was devastated.

Now that Klocke’s father, A LAWYER, is taking action, the school should be terrified. He compiled a list of the offenses committed against his son before his tragic suicide.

On the list, they charged him with physical abuse, which is a claim that the accuser never made. They withheld a list of witnesses. The school board never even gave him a chance to a fair trial.

We are sick and tired of the left bullying everyone into believing what they believe. Bullying a young college student with the world ahead of him into suicide? That is absolutely monstrous. There needs to be a push from the patriots in our country to let the left know that we will NOT deal with their “my way or the highway” mentality anymore.

It is one thing to have a different opinion, but they are seeking absolute control. They do not want anyone to have a different opinion than they do. They have stopped trying to seek converts, and now only seek to DESTROY anyone who speaks out against them.

The United States is starting to wake up to the dangers of the Social Justice Warrior movement. We are seeing the dangers that can come from letting that mentality run rampant. Sadly, people like Klocke have literally lost their lives due to this mentality.

We must continue our fight to right the wrongs that the left has done to us. Now that we have the help of non-politically correct President Trump, anything is possible. We finally stand a chance at taking our country back and avenging those lost to these people.

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