Liar: Hillary Busted For Making Claim About Trip To Belfast In The 90’s That’s Already Been Refuted

October 14, 2018 11:35 am  

( – Hillary Clinton has a very bad habit of claiming to be the victim of terrorst attacks that have never happened.

Well, she has a bad habit of lying every time she opens her mouth, so that’s not really that surprising.

One of her most famous whoppers is when she claimed to have been under sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia in 1996.

By the time she made this claim on the campaign trail in 2008, she clearly had forgotten that news cameras captured the welcoming ceremony that she said never happened.

She recently made a similar claim while accepting an honorary doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast about a trip to the Northern Irish capitol during her husband’s time in the White House.

Check it out:

According to Ireland’s JOE media outlet, this is a great untruth. They explain that “the Belfast Europa Hotel had undergone an extensive £8 million in 1994 redevelopment (over a year prior to the Clinton visit) following the last Provisional IRA bomb in 1993.”

That’s not all.

During a later visit to Belfast in 2009, she made a similar claim, only to be outed by The Belfast Telegraph.

“The last terror strike on the landmark building was 1993 — TWO YEARS before she checked in as First Lady with President husband Bill. Sunday Life has discovered that renovations had been completed on the hotel in January 1994 — 22 MONTHS before they stayed there.”

Not only was she far too late for the bombings…but the boards on the windows that she so vividly remembers were placed there by Bill’s secret service team.

“The hotel was spotless. There had been no bombs and there was no scaffolds or wooden boards or anything like that when they came,” Europa Hotel concierge Martin Mulholland, who attended to the First Couple during their stay, told the paper.
“The place was spotless,” he reiterated. “The only security or boards that went up were the ones put up by Bill Clinton’s secret service team.”

So, despite already being busted for blatantly lying about the conditions of their accomodations in Belfast by the local paper, she shamelessly repeated it, only to be called out yet again by the local media.

The woman has an impressive history of shamelessly making outrageous lies. The Washington Post once even bragged that looking into her story of being under sniper fire was “one of our all-time great fact checks.”

They also take credit for the fact that other outlets, such as PolitiFact and CBS News, subsequently reported on her undoubtedly false claim as well.

And while Hillary herself would probably say otherwise, it’s hard to claim that only right-wing outlets call her a liar.

When you lie as much as Hillary has, it’s bound to attract attention. Some sites, like The Political Insider, have even created round-up posts of her craziest lies, which includes such hits as being named after Sir Edmond Hillary, claiming to have immigrant grandparents, saying she left the White House “dead broke” and“in debt,” and her failed attempt to join the Marines.

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