Levin: Dems Impeached Trump To Prevent Him From Making Another Supreme Court Pick

Would refuse to vote for any justice selected by an “impeached president.”

(Infowars) – Radio host Mark Levin says that one of the real reasons why the Democrats impeached President Trump is to prevent him making another Supreme Court pick.

Levin relayed a conversation he had with his neighbor in which the two discussed how Democrats would refuse to vote for any justice selected by an “impeached president.”

“A neighbor of mine came up to me … and said something that was quite profound,” said Levin. “He said to me, ‘I’m convinced one of the reasons they’re impeaching the president is the Supreme Court.’ I said, really? What do you mean by that?”

“‘Well, the president has less than 11 months to go,’” Levin’s neighbor responded. “‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears to be very ill.’”

“‘Should she have to leave the bench, by hook or by crook, they want to be able to say that not only will we not allow this president or, for that matter, any Supreme Court Justice in the remaining — whatever number of months — of his presidency, but we will never allow an impeached president to appoint anybody else to the Supreme Court, whether he wins reelection or not.’”

Levin said he agreed with his neighbor that this is one of the primary reasons why Democrats decided to impeach Trump despite knowing the Senate is guaranteed to shoot it down.

As we highlighted earlier, Nancy Pelosi is also likely trying to delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate so Democrats can issue more subpoenas and gather more evidence against Trump.

Flashback: Video: Every president would be subject to impeachment under Dems’ current articles



  1. Sadly, I truly believe it’s only a matter of time until Socialism wins – because the youth of today are STUPID to the Nth degree beyond belief. The union controlled public school system has assured it.

    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”
    – Lenin

    I hope I’ll be long dead when it happens.

  2. Mark has a sly way of saying vote in as many conservatives as we can , overcome the dems so the few can set on their hands while the conservatives vote in constitutional judges. Otherwise they’ll wait out trumps next term and do nothing for the country while searching for more ways to frame and defame.

  3. I thought since Harry Reid’s legislation that the Republicans just need a simple majority to get a conservative Justice appointed in the event RBG or Breyer leaves the playground . Don’t they have that

  4. Democrats voted against freeing slaves, against giving women the right to vote and now have voted against free elections in our country. Nadler expounded during Trump impeachment debates on National TV, “Congress must decide about President. We can not leave it up to elections.” So now, Americans are being “impeached” for their decisions by a long time totally corrupt Democratic Party. Americans must stand up against this debacle .

  5. nothing will change until the law breakers, the Democrats are charged, tried, and jailed for all their illegal works. Who has the nerve and guts to even bring charges against them? Remember they said no one is above the law! From Obama and Hillary, the DOJ, the FBI. They did not have a problem attacking our President. What is waiting for the average American if the Democrat party gets away with this. I thought we were suppose to be draining the swamp not just naming the ones in the swamp. We already know who is in the swamp, just waiting to see them pulled out and buried behind bars.

  6. I suggest that since “we” are making up the rules as we go along, the impeachment is not complete as long as the House holds it in their hands.

  7. I have believed that this was the true reason for this farce. Trump has 11 months and then another 4 years. In that time it is likely that he will appoint at least 2 Supreme Court justices with constitutional adherents. This would spell the end of liberal policies they would wish to foist upon our nation.

    • Why do you call them liberals when in reality they are Venezuelan socialists. I know a speech writer that new these socialist thugs that openly reported they were socialists!!! Wake up America…the socialists are taking over!!!

  8. These leftist-socialist-drmocrats are insane evil. The want to make an encyclopedia size volume of jibberjabber pages on every phoney move they make. Stop them now.

  9. These leftist and Democrats have got to be charged with treason and or sedition against our Constitution. They can’t be allowed to break the law and get away with it. If something is not done they will keep doing this until America exist no more.


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