Let’s Face It – Democrat Presidential Candidates Are Billionaires, Socialists, Animals And Losers

(Gateway Pundit) – What a mess the Democrats have got themselves into. Barack Obama and then Donald Trump have destroyed the Democrat Party. Democrat Presidential candidates are such a joke and is there any doubt that President Trump would love to run against any of them?

The Democrat Presidential candidates are a joke. Two candidates are billionaires and are trying to win the election by buying it. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is short, so short he wants something to stand on.

The other billionaire is Tom Steyer who wants to shut down the US energy sector so he can make more money.

The candidate who won Iowa is mayor from a small Midwest town and no one yet is talking about his terrible eating habits – he’s an animal!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been in three Presidential elections and he’s never won a single primary but he is leading the national polls at this time.

He is more senile this time around and is having problems pronouncing words. Joe should really sit this one out:

Senator Bernie Sanders is a communist and open socialist:

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who claims to be a Native Indian (and she’s not), has been referred to as Pocahontas. Unfortunately Pocahontas County in Iowa was not impressed with her ‘native heritage’ as she placed 5th there in the recent caucus:

There are a couple of others running but no one knows who they are either.

Oh, and they want to beat President Trump and his resume of historic economic accomplishments and foreign policy wins.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/25195805314



  1. Don’t vote for ANY of these Democratic Presidential candidates if you VALUE your country. And REMEMBER: ANYTHING promised “FREE” by a Socialist/Communist is NOT FREE! You will DEARLY pay for it . . . a LOT more than you can POSSIBLY imagine, especially your FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. Any one who is following any one the democratic idiots running for president is an idiot themselves. Did you know that there was not one American flag on stage of any of the democratic debates, now if that’s not Un-American I don’t know what is.


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