Legal Team Is Now Looking Into Kerry’s Attempt To ‘Sabotage’ Former President Trump

( Exclusive) – The American Center for Law and Justice has opened up an investigation, claiming that officials from the Biden administration, including former Secretary of State John Kerry, interfered with and might have even sabotaged U.S. foreign policy with the country of Iran while former President Donald Trump was president.

According to a report from WND, the ACLJ stated that it’s currently looking for documentation from the State Department concerning discussions that took place with Iranian officials.

“It is very dangerous and extremely concerning that John Kerry, while a private citizen, was actively meeting with foreign officials to not only undermine U.S. foreign policy but to sabotage it,” the organization said.

“This creates confusion in the international arena because it prevents the U.S. from having a clear unified message and contradicts the established and important U.S. policy of having one president at a time,” they said.

Liberal publication The Washington Times released a report back in February revealing that former President Trump tried to open up a “back channel” with Iran to try and defuse escalating tensions. It failed.

“The report said that two months earlier, ‘a different back channel was thriving in New York’ as Iran’s English-speaking foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, met with Robert Malley, who was President Obama’s Middle East adviser,” WND reports.

The Times then stated that it was an “apparent bid to undermine the Trump team and lay the groundwork for post-Trump relations.”

“President Biden’s team actively did what they falsely accused the previous Trump administration of doing,” the ACLJ went on to say. “According to declassified documents, then-Vice President Biden himself even inquired about using the Logan Act against Michel Flynn for establishing communications with a foreign government official.”

“However, unlike Michael Flynn, who had already been appointed to serve as the incoming National Security Adviser, leading leftists were meeting with Zarif as far back as 2017 – not to prepare to take office, but AFTER they left office, the organization stated.

A former official then told the Times that Zarif had a meeting with Obama administration officials in 2017, 2018, and 2019 before his visa ended up getting canceled.

“The underlying goals of Mr. Zarif’s meetings, the official said, was ‘to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration’ and to continue building up a reservoir of support for the JCPOA, or another deal like it, that could be drawn up if a Democrat returned to the White House in 2021,” that report explained.

The group then revealed that officials with the Obama administration kept in contact with Palestinian Authority officials long after the Trump administration shut down those very relations.

Apparently, Obama’s people also maintained contact with the Palestinian Authority after Trump’s administration shut down those relations.

Trump’s former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, sat down for an interview with Fox News where he said it’s “sad that Secretary Kerry is so unable to get off the stage at any point that he had to go try and undermine what President Trump and our team were trying to do.”

Welcome to the modern world of left-wing politics.

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  1. There is so much sedition and treason involved on the democratic side of the road that it will take decades to prosecute if we again had a functioning justice system in America.

  2. “Former President Barack Obama on Saturday celebrated Major League Baseball (MLB) for its decision to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta after the Georgia legislature passed legislation on election integrity.”

    It is interesting how people who are suppose to be smart still value what this man says who has been repeatedly stabbing America in the back from the beginning.

  3. ” Coca-Cola Wants People to Feel Like Race Is ‘a Predominant Thing’ — ‘If You’re White, You’re Somehow Guilty or Evil”

    What happened to Coca-Cola’s desire to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?

    But. . .”now they’re turning off 40% of the country who don’t really want to be woke up and told that we’re horrible people and don’t believe that there is horrible racism in our country.. . . And yet, Coca-Cola wants to make us all feel like race is a predominant thing in everyone’s life. And if you’re white, you’re somehow guilty or evil.

    Now you be the judge. who cannot see people as people?

    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    I’d like to hold it in my arms
    And keep it company
    I’d like to see the world for once
    All standing hand in hand
    And hear them echo through the hills
    For peace throughout the land

  4. We are now a Government of the criminal, by the criminal , for the criminal …

    “Sources told the New York Post this week that Cuomo, along with New York State Democrats, is negotiating a $2.1 billion fund where at least 187,000 illegal aliens and 87,000 felons could receive taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits that mirror state and federal benefits. . . .

    Illegal alien and felon recipients could receive up to $28,600 a year thanks to the taxpayer-funded benefits, according to analysts. Weekly, illegal aliens and felons could receive $500 a week. For those unemployed since March 2020, recipients could receive on average $12,600.”

    • We now have Obama’s vice criminal as potus 0 . It’s definitely a government of criminals with Biden.

  5. We are coming up upon the Easter season to remember the events in history when the governing leadership perceived themselves and their power to be threatened by a common Man. A person who healed the sick fed thousands with 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes , turned water into wine, raised a beloved friend from the dead after 4 days in the tomb and preached the wisdom of God. The leadership crowd perceiving this to be a threat to their power because the citizens of their society valued this simple person, so the leadership arranged for and created accusations and stirred up a crowd with the false witnesses intimidating the governing power with civil unrest if the mobs will was not done.

    This scenario sees to be the pattern of the democratic leadership who believe they are entitled to hold onto their power so they CREATE crimes , incite a crowd and manipulate the justice system to fulfill their will.

    This is the pattern the democrats have been using which is nothing new and has been used down through history when power is given to the corrupt.

    Now the governing powers have given 27 million dollars OF THE COMMUNITIES RESOURCES to the Floyd family BEFORE THE EVIDENCE WAS AIRED.

    The crime was not committed by the policeman doing his job in the manner he was trained. The crime was done by the leadership who uses the mob and the created accusations to secure their power via mob rule. How many more times will this sequence of events be allowed to be repeated and innocent lives be destroyed? It is being done by the corrupt all over the country even as you read this.

    • Couldn’t agree more, O. The party of rats are showing themselves to be pure evil, corrupt, un constitutional, and blatantly anti American citizen. This sociopathic gaggle of Marxist/progressive stooges are the cockroaches of the world.

  6. What an interesting concept, to sabotage President Trump’ foreign dealings! But the information that keeps bubbling up is the activities of Fauci to “sabotage” the president with this Pandemic. The act of drown ing someone is to keep pushing their head under water and holding it there, but information about Fauci’s involvement in developing the Covid-19 virus and his critical participation in using and allocating U.S. grants to finance the research in China keeps popping up but the media keeps pushing the facts unter water in an attempt to silence the facts if they are facts but the facts are now held under water so will we ever know if this highest paid government worker is the person behind the virus development then the guide to the year of destruction to the American business and school system and the closure of churches.

    • The Legal team needs to investigate all dem leaders for high treason crimes now & especially in POTUS Trumps 4 years when far left created their coup !

  7. InfoWars
    “Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists have replaced the military’s leadership with sycophantic “woke” minions who aim to stoke a race war to justify their planned martial law crackdown.

    Infowars also exclusively reveals the organizations and groups behind the Balkanization/race war efforts in America.

    Exposing these groups is critical to stopping them dead in their tracks. Please share this video! ”


  9. This could be considered TREASON, But we all know this is going nowhere. It is SHAMEFUL that THIS HAS BEEN was sticking his nose into something that was NO LONGER HIS CONCERN. What needs to be determined is WHO ELSE was involved, But like everything else we have seen in the last few years this will also go unpunished and will go away. Nothing is going to change until some of the people are held accountable The corruption, lies, deceit will continue and we the people will keep asking WHEN IS SOMETHING GOING TO CHANGE?

  10. Our societies ability to discern right from wrong is gone, left the country when this kind of unjust legal action is tolerated from a criminal who now has violated the rights of others multiple times. Who put it in his head that he is justified and due the right to sue when HE IS THE ONE WHO DID THE CRIME. This Blake person should not have any legal standing .

    • I’m referring to this morally bankrupt person suing the police officer that was protecting the safety of others from this substandard acting person Blake.

    • Jacob Blake Jr. has filed an excessive force lawsuit against a Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer who shot him during an alleged domestic dispute in August, 2020.

  11. The taxpayer funded public school system is sabatoging our country via the young minds the dept. of education or propaganda is training the next generation of anti Americans. Scott Walker is on the offensive and rightly so.

    “Scott Walker on YAF’s ‘Long Game’: Sponsor One Million Students, Sue Schools Violating Free Speech, Launch Tip Lines Exposing Leftism”

    “We support students in more than half of all the campuses in America,” he noted. “That’s over 2,000 campuses, but we’ve got to be in all 4,000, because the left is.” He added, “We need to start sooner — not just in college — but in the high school and even junior high, so we’ve got aggressive programs [to do this].”

    ! ! ! ! ! ! Parents with young people in school, even in elementary school should be supporting this effort to return our educational system back to the purpose the system was intended to fulfill – educating not propagandizing.

    • Absolutely spot on! The indoctrination of young minds needs to stop, and get the federal government completely out of the education system among other matters. The teacher’s union is a pathetic example of allowing useless, incompetent persons, many, not all, influencing our children through their bias ideology forsaking the basics of a complete, rounded education. Sick people.

  12. It sad that Kerry was able to free wheel for obama’s shadow government without accountability, but this generation is weak in maturity of character and is s l o w in calling a crime a crime and requiring accountability. In so doing the lines of right and wrong become blurred or non-existent resulting in a society that has turned their back on God’s standard thus they lie and deceive for what they want and it is all ok.

    God’s word says ” Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows, that also shall he reap”

    “For he who deals wrongfully will reap the fruit of his folly and be punished for his wrong doing. And with God there is no partiality no matter what a person’s position may be . . . ” Colossians 3:25


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