Leftists Freak Out After Biden Calls For Prosecution Of “Arsonists And Anarchists”

“This is a dangerous statement that threatens everyone’s political speech”

(Infowars) – Joe Biden angered some leftist extremists Wednesday, as he specifically addressed rioters in a statement, condemning “violence and destruction of property,” and calling for the prosecution of “arsonists and anarchists”.

While his statement largely condemned President Trump, Biden’s call for the punishment of ‘anarchists’ didn’t please… well anarchists.

‘Democratic Socialists of America’ in Portland also weighed in, arguing that “Anarchists are valued members of our big tent organization.” and Biden’s words constitute “a dangerous statement that threatens everyone’s political speech”.

Antifa made its feelings clear on Biden’s statement too.

This highlights how Trump is correct in his warnings that Biden is beholden to extreme leftists.

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  1. Chill out. Biden saw his own campaign ad and thought the rioters were Trump supporters. Once he finds out their all Democrats, he go out and try to join them. You’ll need to put a tracker on him so he doesn’t get lost. Make sure he faces the right way when he goes to throw a brick. Remind him why he picked up the brick, etc..

  2. I’m not worried about Joe’s statement. He’ll deny saying it in a week or two – or forget he said it.

    And these anarchist groups saying he wants to arrest people simply for being anarchists? No, that isn’t what he said and you damned well know it. Yes – you have every right to be an anarchist. That right stops, however, the very second you decide to destroy property and deny those same rights to others.

  3. I don’t know what Joe’s doing to his face. BUT, in the latest videoed images. He is beady eyed, pointed face…..looking more like a rodent (rat) all the time. Joe’s gotta’ quit messing with his face and come up from below ground…..And, Pelosi, WTF’izwitdat ; has a face tighter than a gnats azz stretched across a rain barrel….And they talk about Trump’s orange hair?


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