Leftie James Murdoch Resigns From News Corporation, The Parent Company Of Fox News Over “Differences In Editorial Content”

(Gateway Pundit) – James Murdoch tendered his resignation from the Board of Directors of News Corporation, the parent company of FOX News.

Rubert Murdoch stepped down as the CEO of FOX in June 2011 and handed the reins over to his son James.

James Murdoch’s wife Kathryn Murdoch is an outspoken leftist who works for the Clinton Climate Initiative.

The resignation went into effect today.

Yahoo.com has more on the resignation.

In a filing to US regulators, he said he also disagreed with some “strategic decisions” made by the company.

The exact nature of the disagreements was not detailed.

But Mr Murdoch has previously criticised News Corp outlets, which include the Wall Street Journal, for climate change coverage.

Representatives of Mr Murdoch and his wife Kathryn have acknowledged the couple’s “frustration” with coverage of the subject by some of the company’s most influential news brands, including Fox News.

They have also spoken of particular disappointment about climate change denial in Murdoch-owned Australian outlets.

August Takala from Mediaite says he wants to invest in left-leaning media outlets.



  1. Climates have been in transition since the beginning of this planet,BUT WHICH IS A VERY BIG BUT , HAS never been as a result of man’s influence on the earth. If you chose to hold that view point, fine. We send our condolences because either you are very ignorant and not observant of the fats but are functioning onn an irrational emotional level as well as have a disproportionate sense of self importance.

  2. Good! Fox news was looking more and more liberal everyday. The “fair and Balanced” news was starting to lean a lot more to the left.


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