LeBron James – Who Defended Chi-Coms Over Hong Kong Freedom Protesters – Says NFL Owes Colin Kaepernick An ‘Official Apology’ (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Lebron James told Bloomberg Businessweek that the NFL owes Collin Kaepernick an apology for criticizing his kneeling his protests during the National Anthem.

This is the same NBA player who sided with Chinese Communists over Hong Kong Democracy protests.

He’s not the most enlightened individual.

The Hill reported:

NBA star LeBron James on Thursday said the National Football League still owes Colin Kaepernick an official apology for how the league responded to his kneeling protests during the national anthem.

The Los Angeles Lakers star told Bloomberg Businessweek that Kaepernick “basically sacrificed everything for the better of this world,” including his career as a professional football player.

“As far as the NFL, I’m not in those locker rooms, I’m not with those guys, but I do understand that an apology — I have not heard a true, official apology to Colin Kaepernick on what he was going through and what he was trying to tell the NFL and tell the world about why he was kneeling when he was doing that as a San Francisco 49er,” James said.



  1. This man showed disrespect for the flag. No apologies. And if you think that that’s appropriate, you show no value for what this nation has done for you or him. Where else on earth do you have the freedom or option to show such disregard. If, you find it, please go and leave your citizenship card at border on the way out!

  2. The NFL may think they owe KAEPERNICK an apology I dont think the rest of the country does. Our country gave this idiot more opportunities than he would of had anywhere else in the world, The loons in this country keep trying to force another team to bring him back, But they realize he has way too much baggage that would come with him. The man with the 30 million dollar knee, But not much in common sense or respect.

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