LEAKED EMAILS: Raiders Coach Resigns After He Called Joe Biden A “Nervous Clueless Pus*y”

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Jon Gruden, the coach for the Las Vegas Raiders stepped down from his position Monday evening after some leaked private emails revealed that he referred to Joe Biden as a “nervous clueless p***y.”

As you can imagine, this did not go over well with the Democratic Party overlords who have managed to sink their greedy claws into every facet of modern culture, including the world of professional sports.

A report from the Gateway Pundit says, that the New York Times has obtained a treasure trove of emails that reveal Gruden made what they are calling “misogynistic and homophobic” comments over the course of several years.

Apparently, Gruden took some big shots at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, calling him a “f****t” and then referred to him as a “clueless anti-football p***y.”

The controversial coach then took an opportunity to exercise his First Amendment right as an American citizen and doled out some heavy criticism of both Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The New York Times report said, “When the vaunted N.F.L. coach Jon Gruden was confronted with a racist email he had sent in 2011 to insult the head of the players’ union, he said he went too far but didn’t have ‘a blade of racism’ in him.”

“But league officials as part of a separate workplace misconduct investigation that did not directly involve him have found that Gruden, now the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, casually and frequently unleashed misogynistic and homophobic language over several years to denigrate people around the game and to mock some of the league’s momentous changes,” the report stated.

“Gruden’s messages were sent to Bruce Allen, the former president of the Washington Football Team, and others, while he was working for ESPN as a color analyst during “Monday Night Football,” the sports network’s weekly prime-time telecast of N.F.L. games. In the emails, Gruden called the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, a “faggot” and a “clueless anti football pussy” and said that Goodell should not have pressured Jeff Fisher, then the coach of the Rams, to draft “queers,” a reference to Michael Sam, a gay player chosen by the team in 2014,” the report added.

“Gruden also criticized President Obama during his re-election campaign in 2012, as well as then-vice president Joe Biden, whom Gruden called a ‘nervous clueless p***y.” He used similar words to describe Goodell and DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the N.F.L. Players Association,” the NY Times stated.

“The league is already investigating Gruden as a result of another email he wrote to Allen in 2011 in which he used racist terms to describe Smith, who is Black,” the report said, adding, “In that email, Gruden, who is white and was working for ESPN at the time, criticized Smith’s intelligence and used a racist trope to describe his face. The correspondence was first reported by The Wall Street Journal and confirmed by The New York Times.”

Is it really all that surprising to think that the radical left in this country would be so offended by what Gruden said, on his personal time, in personal messages, and use that as an excuse to ruin his career after he insulted their dear leader?

The mainstream media has been on damage control for Joe Biden ever since he took office in January.

A report from Infowars covered how an NBC sports reporter attempted to do some damage control during an interview with NASCAR Xfinity Series Race winner Brandon Brown. During this interview, the crowd was clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden,” but the reporter tried to pass it off as if the crowd was saying, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Now, this could have been an honest mishearing, but that seems unlikely. Anybody can clearly make out the phrase being chanted in the background of the interview.

The video of the incident went viral and just goes to prove how far the radical left mainstream media will go in order to protect Biden.


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  1. I will not defend or condem coach Gruden, The facts are that when you send emails or post on open sites and especially if you are someone in the spot light you should be aware you have those that dont like you for their own reasons they will try their best to harm you. This is unfortunate. But words do matter for those posting and those seeking revenge. We still have free speech(FOR NOW) JUST BE AWARE WITH THE WOKE GENERATION YOU MAY PAY A PRICE.

  2. chopper your acceptance of Grudens racist sexist homophobic emails just confirms that you are a bigot racist sexist sore loser who Hillary back in 2016 was correct in calling your cult a basket case full of deplorables!!

    • WILLIAM, I Have never considered myself a DEPLORABLE simply because i dont share the same political views with HILLARY CLINTON.
      I gave a large portion of my life serving our country so that we as a nation of citizens could and should have differences and still remain a nation of diverse opinions,YES im a conservative and i dont support the
      LIBERAL VIEWPOINT But i was willing to give my life in support of free speech and political opinions even when i did not agree with them. SO NO SIR IM NOT A DEPLORABLE IM A CITIZEN WITH A DIFFERENT OPINION THAN HILLARY CLINTON.

  3. This is why I don’t watch the NFL or sports in general any more. They have become the poster children of what’s wrong with America. Maybe that’s because of the Kapernicks, Jameses, and Rapinoes but more importantly the woke leadership of these leagues and organizations who can’t think for themselves and stand up to the commies trying to destroy America. Maybe we need some new leagues without political activists trying to subvert the system that gave them their opportunity in the first place. Why do you think we have generally beat the pants off of the competition in the Olympics and International sports? Well look forward to a lot less of that, a lot less money for those who do get to play and a lot more people like me who will fight back with our pocketbook. Let’s go Brandon. Let’s go Brandon.

  4. Now that is what I call the real WOKE AMERICA! The Biden brainwashed half or third or quarter are the American losers! That are afraid to get a job and support themselves as they are just to stupid and gullible! That is just a fact!

  5. chopper you still wasting your time trying to make yourself look good among your cultist buddies you are no impressing anyone.

    • Clueless pus*y ..Low iq doc , and william lovehole the little queer man impress me everyday with their stupid comments, and for that , I thank you for sharing your ignorance little queer man.

      Happy LBGT month AGAIN little queer man !

  6. once again this site is knowingly reporting a lie!!! Gruden resigned because it was found out that between 2011-2017 he shared racist sexist and homophobic emails with an NFL executive. Sorry if this doesnt fit into your alternate reality narrative his resignation has ZERO to do with Biden!!. I do know that you cultists (and you know who you are) are ok with those type of slurs but back here in reality they are unacceptable!!!

    • You and your fellow queers don’t appreciate such strong and honest men for some reason..why is that little queer man william lovehole ?

      Btw : enjoy your LBGT history month and send oBama a card if you can afford it.


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