LEAK: Megyn Kelly’s Fate Has Just Been Revealed. Wow.

June 19, 2017 10:03 am  

(Angry Patriot) – Megyn Kelly continues to flounder on NBC despite all of the resources the news network has wasted on their recent hire.

White House correspondent and former political operative Jack Posobiec has been informed by sources inside NBC that they are preparing to fire Megyn Kelly.

FOX News and NBC engaged in a battle for Megyn Kelly’s contract with the news anchor ultimately deciding to work with NBC. It looks like FOX dodged a bullet.

Megyn Kelly launched her news magazine-style show three weeks ago to lukewarm reviews. Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly airs only once per week.

NBC was hoping Kelly would attract a conservative audience as the network attempts to court Republican viewers. However, Kelly’s new show has only declined in viewers since it premiered.

NBC continues to dump resources into their newly acquired anchor hoping she will develop into a star. However, it appears the network is preparing to give up on Kelly after wasting $20 million on a contract to move her to their channel.

The premier of Kelly’s Sunday night program featured an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, despite the important guest Kelly could not draw more attention than reruns of 60 Minutes.

Kelly’s interview with Putin attracted only 4.9 million viewers. Her second week on was watched by less than a million people having only 700,000 viewers tune in. NBC was clearly aware of the problem so they booked controversial figure Alex Jones as a guest on last nights program (via Variety).

The controversy surrounding Alex Jones intrigues people and his interviews always receive considerable attention. NBC was hoping Jones could help pull Kelly out of her slump. Alex Jones interviews frequently bring in millions of viewers, and his interview with Joe Rogan is the most watched podcast ever.

However, not even the charismatic Alex Jones could convince people to tune into Kelly’s new show. Last night she lost in viewers to reruns of 60 Minutes and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

NBC made a huge mistake hiring Kelly and FOX News dodged a bullet. Megyn Kelly is neither entertaining nor informative, she is just another pretty face.


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