Lawyer For Sadistic Pimp Cites Pedophile Jeffery Epstein In Defense “They Didn’t Even Charge Him”

( – A sadistic, violent pimp named Alston Williams got some bad news in May of this year, as the miscreant was handed five life sentences, plus an extra 20 years sprinkled on top for his obstruction of justice.

Fletcher Peacock, the degenerate’s lawyer — a public defender — fumed about how unfair the sentence was and compared it to the treatment of perverted billionaire Jeffery Epstein (pictured above).

Epstein, if you’ll remember, is the sick fellow who had numerous sex pads that he would bring young girls to, some who were barely in their teens for “sexual massages.” Many political figures were found to have connections to Epstein and visited these homes, including former President Bill Clinton.

Here’s more from Palm Beach Post:

Peacock pointed out that federal prosecutors in 2007 dropped charges against billionaire Palm Beach resident Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of paying more than 30 young women for sex some when they were as young as 14. Epstein instead was allowed to plead guilty to state prostitution charges and served 13 months of an 18-month sentence.

“They let Mr. Epstein completely off. They didn’t even charge him,” Peacock said of the case that is still spawning litigation. “It’s troubling that the government takes that position in that case and takes the position that a life sentence is appropriate in this case. It’s gross disparity and the court shouldn’t sanction it.”

In a hushed courtroom, Alston Williams on Wednesday lashed out at prosecutors, FBI agents and six women who accused him of forcing them to work as prostitutes so he could live comfortably in an upscale neighborhood near Greenacres.

Shaking his head and sighing as he recalled testimony that convinced a jury to convict him of five counts of sex trafficking, Williams disputed the women’s claims that he beat them, stuck needles under their fingernails and threatened to kill their families if they refused to do his bidding…

The women, including two minors, sold their bodies for sex because they liked to shop and loved the money, he said. “This escorting thing, I’ve been telling everyone, I don’t like it,” the 42-year-old said.

So essentially, his defense is that these women, in reality, actually wanted to be prostitutes, and he just so happened to be the main beneficiary of their greed. Meanwhile, the folks this man victimized are completely traumatized by what he made them endure.

Most of the women were too emotionally scarred to even attend the trial, with only one of them giving a statement, which she was unable to actually read herself.

Here’s more about Epstein from Hot Air:

So Williams really does seem like a monster, but then so was Jeffrey Epstein. He allegedly brought more than 60 girls, some as young as 13 or 14 to his various mansions in Florida and New York for sexual massages. Some of the girls were recruited to bring him more girls and some were allegedly handed out to other men like party favors. And yet, Epstein got a year of minimum security in which he was allowed to leave so he could go to work in his office for up to 12 hours a day.

Epstein should’ve been given the same kind of sentence that Williams was given. The fact he got off light is a testament to just how corrupt our justice system has truly become.



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