Late-Night Hosts Salivate Over Impeachment Hearings: What We’ve Been Praying For Since The Beginning Of Trump’s Presidency

(Breitbart) – The left-wing late-night hosts delighted in the opening of impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, making the best out of what turned out to be an unsuccessful day for Democrats seeking to remove him from office.

On Late Night, Seth Meyers used his “Closer Look” segment to mock President Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani for showing his communications with White House officials on live interviews.

“You know you’re a bad criminal when you keep the evidence against you on multiple devices,” Meyers quipped. “Like a bank robber with a FitBit who says, ‘Look at this. I took 1,000 steps from the bank to my car.’”

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah claimed that “Trump reminds me of every immigrant father on the phone,” a reference to testimony that Trump was so loud during his conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky that his comments were overheard.

“He’s just like, ‘no don’t worry Trevor, I also had herpes when I was 16,’” Noah said as he impersonated his father. “It’s like shhh uncle I’m with my friends. ‘Oh sorry, tell your friends to be careful of herpes, ah?”

Meanwhile, Late Show host Stephen Colbert could barely contain his excitement for what he called “a special edition of Don and the Giant Impeach.”

“It’s finally here, it’s finally arrived,” Colbert declared. “The first day of live impeachment hearings. It’s what we’ve been praying for since the beginning of the Trump presidency: the end of the Trump presidency.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Washington being what it is, who knows what’s going to happen,” he continued. “Today’s live testimony as dramatic as it was historic. It was the biggest ratings boost for C-Span III since ‘Drunk History,’ starring Brett Kavanaugh.”

Having announced that yesterday was his birthday, Jimmy Kimmel admitted that although he doesn’t like to make a big thing out of birthdays, he got “exactly what I wanted this year” with the impeachment hearings.

After mocking the testimony of various Republicans supportive of Donald Trump, Kimmel attacked Trump over his decision to invite Turkish strongman Reccip Erdogan to the White House.

“Trump says he’s a big fan of Erdogan, who last month notably slaughtered our allies the Kurds so of course Trump invited him to the White House,” said Kimmel. “Senators from both parties urged him to rescind the invitation, but Trump said he was a ‘good friend.’ The way he treats the president of Turkey, you’d think he was the president of Fried Chicken, you really would.”

Finally, TBS’ Full Frontal host Samantha Bee also expressed her optimism that the proceedings would conclude with Trump’s impeachment.

“I hope you all had haircuts that won’t look in future documentaries, because the public impeachment hearings have begun,” Bee exclaimed. “I can’t wait to finally eat a piece of the impeachment cake I baked over three years ago.”


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