LA Mayor Warns Of Mass Deaths, Condemns Trump’s “False Hope” And Says His City Will Be On Lockdown For 2 Months – Maybe Even Longer

(Gateway Pundit) – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti already announced that the city will be shutting off water and power to any non-essential businesses that defied orders and stayed open during the Coronavirus crisis.

During his Tuesday press briefing Garcetti announced that the Department of Water and Power will be shutting off services for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.

The Los Angeles Mayor also warned of mass deaths, condemned Trump’s “false hope” of the country reopening soon and said his city will be on lockdown until at least May, maybe even longer.

Garcetti made these remarks to Business Insider after 12 deaths were confirmed in Los Angeles due to Coronavirus. TWELVE.

Via Business Insider:

Los Angeles residents will be confined to their homes until May at the earliest, Mayor Eric Garcetti told Insider on Wednesday.

“I think this is at least two months,” he said. “And be prepared for longer.”

In an interview with Insider, Garcetti pushed back against “premature optimism” in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying leaders who suggest we are on the verge of business as usual are putting lives at risk.

“I can’t say that strongly enough,” the mayor said. Optimism, he said, has to be grounded in data. And right now the data is not good.

“Giving people false hope will crush their spirits and will kill more people,” Garcetti said, adding it would change their actions by instilling a sense of normality at the most abnormal time in a generation.

“This will not kill most of us,” he said. “It will kill a lot more people than we’re used to dying around us.”

President Trump said during a Fox News town hall that he would like to have the country back open for business by Easter.

“I would love to have [the country] open by Easter,” Trump said on Tuesday. “It’s such an important day for other reasons.”

President Trump has also tweeted that the cure cannot be worse that the problem, suggesting he is gearing up to put Americans back to work soon.


  1. If it’s crazy as owl snot it usually comes out of California. I see this is no exception to that rule. People crapping on sidewalks, junkies leaving their needles wherever, illegal alien criminals released because of sanctuary policies and all they can do is blame Trump and say he is crazy. Really? How about doing your job and stop playing the blame game. Oh. I’m sorry. I forgot. You’re a Democrat. You don’t know how to do anything else.

  2. Well, it took Obama a year to address H1N1
    So now what!
    Gee Cher, moving around in that big Mansion of yours, yes feel for you.

    LA Mayor. You’re in charge of LA!
    Be a leader dumbass, instead of a town crier.

  3. Everyone needs to go back to work. This is just a test run to see how easily it will be to control the sheep ( citizens ) of this country. They are finding out they do t even need to take peoples guns cause they will never use them anyway.

  4. You and your governor have no one blame but yourselves for problems. It’s all to do with how you govern and your political thinking. Way to easy to blame others and that sir is your issue and stinking thinking. Look in the mirror and get your ass to work and solving problems.

  5. Open your blinders Mayor. Your city has been on lock down for a few years. Your American citizens don’t want, or need to walk in the streets, filled with Illegals, Human excrement and drug paraphernalia. Covid-19 is a drop in the bucket ,when compared to all the real problems you have place on their backs.

  6. lol blame TRUMP because the crazy people in cali dont comply with your rules. just worry about your sanctuary cities and stayed locked down for a whole year. you’re not missed.


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