Kathy Griffin Admits To ‘Straight Up Begging’ For Work After Trump Beheading Photo

(Breitbart) – Leftist actress and comedienne Kathy Griffin has admitted she resorted to “straight-up begging” for work after being widely denounced after posing for a photo in which she held President Donald Trump’s bloody and decapitated head.

Griffin made the revelations to USA Today, who she talked to in the wake of her 90-second cameo as herself on the Netflix psychological thriller You.

“I straight up was just begging for five lines on something that would be seen by people that had nothing to do with Trump, nothing that was controversial,” she revealed.

During the interview, Griffin also claimed that showrunner Greg Berlanti admitted to giving her the cameo because of all she had done for the LGBT community.

“You showrunner (Greg Berlanti) called me up, he was so nice he said, you know he’s a gay guy, he said, ‘You know Kathy after all you’ve done for the community, all these decades I’m happy to do this for you,’” Griffin explained.

Griffin, who last year complained that the experience of being hounded left her “unemployable and uninsurable,” added that she had become a different person as a result.

“While the picture has caused me a lot of duress it’s also made me global, everybody knows the crazy red-haired lady from the photo,” she said. “It has made me more fearless and I really feel strongly that whoever comes at me, they have to understand I’ve prevailed against the president of the United States.”

The 59-year-old comic also maintained that she does not plan to stop railing against Trump anytime in the near future. “I’m not going to stop; I’m not going to back down from this president or this administration one bit, and they know it,” she warned.

Video: Kathy Griffin’s film shows fallout of Trump photo



  1. You are just lucky SOB. You live in this country with so much freedom. If you did it in third world countries, you were gone woman.

  2. Your actions had the appropriate consequences…no one sympathizes with you..you dug your own hole… live with it now and forever!!!!!

  3. Kathy Griffin was never funny and now, even worse, she’s pathetic. News flash, if you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results you need to change or that’s the definition of insanity. So keep saying you’ll never back down to this President and keep being unemployed bc you come across as nuts! No one really cares what you do…

  4. this slug is the end result of trump derangement syndrome in living color. these people are so filled with hate they cant even have fun when they are supposed to be having fun. the trump haters are the most miserable bunch of people in the world.

  5. “begging for work”?????????
    Give me a break, every Burger King and Home Depot is hiring…..
    GO GET A REAL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She sure will not get work as a topless dancer or on her back. She really never had talent except for an ability to do or say anything to get noticed.

  7. Hey I didn’t like Alibama but we had to endure those 8 lousy years of him literally kissing Mid East camel jockey’s asses – I didn’t care what his color was , he just wasn’t a leader – he did have the gift of gab and THAT WAS THE ONLY THING he had going for him . Sooooo Kathy , you and the rest of you uninformed, ignorant, blind , I can’t think for my self’rs GET OVER IT – get used to ANOTHER 4 YEARS of what a REAL LEADER LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE – Donald J. TRUMP I’m ALL IN – 2020 !!!!

  8. While many were incensed by the people who used the false FISA warrants against DJT, somehow the judge who signed the warrants was forgotten. Shouldn’t he or she be exposed and excoriated for signing them without properly verifying the facts presented with the warrants?

    Likewise, with Kathy Griffin. She did not acted alone with this crude prank. There was a video that showed stage hands presenting the “prop” on a tray to Kathy just before the cameras rolled. Her helpers, who prepared the prop, should be revealed and reviled, just as Kathy is reviled. Besides, it’s possible that she did not think of this “stunt” by herself. But it seems she’s not snitching on this person. At least she has some “honor.”

    Thanks for reading.

  9. No, Kathy, you did not prevail “…against the President of the United States.” You insulted the common decency of the American people. Like the Dixie Chicks before you, you crossed a line, and have suffered professionally for it. Donald J. Trump is still the President, and you are, by your own admission, begging for work. Perhaps you should take a page out of Kevin Hart’s book, and keep your humor out of politics.

  10. She can go to San Francisco and live on the streets except the street dwellers there don’ want any low class slime invading their territory

  11. What is this? Another inspirational moment from Kathy? I am sure that President Trump is shaking in his boots. 80% of the slime used in Ghost Busters came out of the cesspool known as Hollywood.

  12. This ugly liberal grunt could probably get a job in SF scooping up turds off the sidewalk. That would be a fitting profession for a woman of her stature. She have a very demented view of comedy-SICK.

  13. Oh, right. You “prevailed against the president of the United States.” Let me see here… prevailed… he has a job and you don’t. Yeah, you “prevailed,” alright.
    Dumbass, dimwit democrat.

  14. Ever hear the analogy that when you are in a hole the first step is to stop digging? You have to wonder about the sanity of someone who, after admittedly choosing a path that results in devastating loss, then doubles-down and continues the same path. Sad that she has likely caused significant hurdles for others that share her name.

  15. Bye,bye crazy, you are a has-been now. You could move to Iran if you think Pres.Trump is so bad, maybe the ayatolla would carry your head around like you did Pres.Trumps, the big difference is they wouldn’t be doing it for a cheap shot, it would be very real.

  16. Kathy, I have zero sympathy for the pathetic likes of you now and before your major plastic surgery transformation. You should have saved your money, because the surgery made you even uglier, inside and out. Disappear because you have no validity and at this time nothing to offer humanity. If they were to lock you in a man’s prison, the only way you would get any action would be if all lights were turned out. Pick a city with several homeless shelters because I have a premonition that you will need them some day. You dug your own grave, now deal with it.

    • Well said but she is only one of the many Hollywood bunch
      that believe people agree with their insane comments or actions.

  17. You called yourself a crazy red haired lady, Well i guess you know yourself better than anyone else does, I have to agree with your analysis.


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