“Karma” – Classless Leftists Mock Rand Paul After Coronavirus Diagnosis

(Gateway Pundit) – As news spreads of Senator Rand Paul’s positive Covid 19 test, rather than wish him well, wackjob leftists waste little time taking to twitter to mock him. Demonstrating their level of class, or lack thereof, they call it karma and poetic justice, as if they are happy that he’s been infected.

Sen. Paul getting the #coronavirus is poetic justice. Let’s see you grandstand now to stop aid to Americans. Also, hope @RandPaul enjoys his privledge of getting a test while millions of Americans have to wait. pic.twitter.com/SgH2AWdupZ

— Christopher Sharpe (@TheDrSharpe) March 22, 2020

Some of the worse comments from leftist outlet posts.

Is that a photo of Rand or of the virus?

— AlbertaYar (@YarYarman) March 22, 2020

Others, however, give actual responses.

You may recall that Senator Paul was violently assaulted back in 2017, and part of one of his lungs had to be removed.



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