President Kamala Harris? VP Has Been Taking Calls With World Leaders On Behalf Of Biden — Media Still Ignores His Obvious Dementia

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden clearly suffers from dementia. It was plain as day while he was running his campaign from his basement for months. In every single appearance, whether from his basement bunker or in public, Biden managed to make the world cringe.

Gaffes, awkward stories, and bizarre confrontations may have made for an entertaining campaign but the reality is that Joe Biden is suffering from cognitive decline and he now sits in the Oval Office.

It isn’t so funny anymore especially considering he has signed over 40 executive orders and he hasn’t even been in office for an entire month yet.

What’s even more concerning is that it appears as though VP Kamala Harris is already stepping in to perform tasks traditionally done by the President.

Harris is reportedly making phone calls to foreign leaders while Joe Biden naps and plays Mario Kart at Camp David. While COVID-19 cases continue to surge, Biden is taking a little R&R at Camp David and Harris has taken over at the White House.

This is certainly a troubling sign.

While Biden rode in his motorcade from Camp David to DC on Monday, Harris was busy in the White House making phone calls to foreign leaders on his behalf.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Harris spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss a variety of topics such as the COVID pandemic, Middle East issues, and their radical “climate change” agenda.

“Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and around the world,” Harris’s office said in a statement.

“They also discussed numerous regional challenges, including those in the Middle East and Africa, and the need to confront them together,” the statement added.

We wonder how many times Mike Pence made phone calls to foreign leaders for President Trump? We don’t have any data but we’re going to assume none.

It certainly raises some questions and red flags that the Vice President is filling the role of the President while he is off taking a weekend holiday at Camp David.

Is this what Democrats picture a leader to be? Their vicious hatred of President Trump has resulted in them supporting his antithesis for Commander-in-Chief and now we’re all going to suffer for it.

Joe Biden is a puppet for the radical left. There’s no doubt about that. However, the prospect of a Harris presidency sends chills down this writer’s spine. Biden is a puppet but Harris IS the radical left.

If there is anything in the left’s agenda that Biden is holding back on implementing, that will surely end if Harris gets anywhere near a permanent spot in the Oval Office. Biden is doing a good enough job ruining America on his own. We definitely don’t need Harris stepping in and helping out.

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  1. Kamala does not have the knowledge to take the lead from Biden. she has her head in the clouds and IN NO WAY is she capable of running this country .WHO would form an outfit to bail out felony criminals to go on with their line of illegal doings , right , Kamala . she only wants power and that silly laugh of hers shows what she is a JACKASS

  2. There is an article in the Constitution to remove a President that is no longer able to function in office, However the alternative would be even worse with Harris moving in and by Law PELOSI could actually become Vice President. i dont even want to think about that possibility.


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