Kamala Harris Now Pushing Senate Resolution Which Says The Term ‘Wuhan Virus’ Is Racist

(Gateway Pundit) – The Wuhan Coronavirus is called that because it originated in Wuhan. That’s just a simple fact and it has nothing to do with racism.

But you can’t convince Senator Kamala Harris of that, apparently.

She is now wasting America’s time by pushing a resolution in the Senate which would brand use of the terms ‘Wuhan Virus’ and ‘Chinese Virus’ as racist.

The Washington Times reports:

Kamala Harris introduces resolution condemning ‘Chinese Virus’ as racist.

Sen. Kamala Harris wants this on the record — the term “Chinese Virus” is hate speech fueling attacks against Asians.

The California Democrat and failed 2020 presidential candidate has introduced a resolution condemning “all forms of Anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, such anti-Asian sentiment includes referring to the virus that originated in Wuhan, China, as the “Chinese Virus” or the “Wuhan Virus.”

People also should not refer to the resulting illness as “Kung Flu,” Senate Resolution 580 states.

The resolution — with co-sponsors including Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii — says public officials should denounce such rhetoric in any form.

As a country, don’t we have more pressing issues to deal with right now?

Senator Tom Cotton made an excellent point about this.

FOX News reports:

Tom Cotton hits back at Kamala Harris’ new proposal: It shows Dems have ‘no answers’ for China’s rise.

Sen. Tom Cotton said on Thursday that he objects to Sen. Kamala Harris’ newly introduced resolution to deem the phrase “Wuhan Virus” xenophobic, arguing it shows the Democrats’ overall lack of a strategy to deal with China as a threat to the United States.

“Wuhan is just a city, it’s not even a people,” Cotton, R-Ark., told “Fox & Friends.”

“I guess she’s going to have to call out Lyme disease for being anti-Connecticut or even maybe Legionnaires’ disease for being anti-veteran or Zika since Zika is a forest in Africa,” Cotton said.

Cotton’s comments came after Sen. Harris, D-Calif., introduced a resolution condemning “anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19,” including use of the phrase “Wuhan Virus.”

Democrats really need to get their priorities in order.



  1. Not a surprise, brain dead and ignorant as she is. She has done absolutely nothing as a senator and the people who elected her are no smarter than she is. Remember there is no “legal” cure for stupid. Bill Gates will probably develop a vaccine for that too. Only thing is it will solve two of his issues, it will take care of overpopulation too.

  2. Of all the things to be concerned about, what you call this virus is the LEAST of the issues. Harris’ is trying to deflect attention away from what is going on behind the liberal curtain…don’t let her get away with it — fire her.

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