Kaepernick Blasts ‘US Government’ For Stealing From ‘Indigenous People’ At ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ Ceremony

(Breitbart) – Colin Kaepernick celebrated “Unthanksgiving Day” by ripping the “US government” for having “stolen” over a “billion acres” from indigenous people, during an annual ceremony held in San Francisco, California, Thursday.

“The US government has stolen over 1.5 billion acres of land from Indigenous people. Thank you to my Indigenous family, I’m with you today and always,” the former 49ers quarterback wrote in a tweet Thursday afternoon:


“It’s been 50 years since the occupation,” he said during remarks given at the event, “And that struggle has continued for that 50 years.”

Kaepernick continued:

Before that 50 years, it will continue from this point. It’s our responsibility to honor our ancestors and honor our elders by carrying on that struggle. Don’t let their sacrifices be in vain. That’s why it’s important for all of us to be here today, to show that we’re together, that we’re unified, that we have that solidarity. And I hope to spend many more of these with you.

The event, hosted by the International Indian Treaty Council, marked the anniversary of when Native American activists occupied Alcatraz Island for 19 months, beginning November 20, 1969.

“After the famed prison shuttered its doors in 1963, Bay Area Native Americans began lobbying to have the island redeveloped as an Indian cultural center and school,” according to History.com.

The article continued:

Indians of All Tribes made a final attempt to seize Alcatraz in the early morning hours of November 20, 1969—this time with an occupation force of 89 men, women and children. After sailing through San Francisco Bay under cover of darkness, the Indians landed at Alcatraz and claimed the island for all the tribes of North America.

Ignoring warnings that their occupation was illegal, they moved into the old warden’s house and guards’ quarters and began personalizing the island with graffiti. A message appeared on the water tower reading: “Peace and Freedom. Welcome. Home of the Free Indian Land.” Other buildings were tagged with slogans like “Red Power” and “Custer Had It Coming.”

Thursday morning, several thousand participants disembarked from ferries on the island and gathered around a bonfire while holding flags and hats that read “Make America Indigenous Again,” according to Mother Jones.

Kanyon Sayers-Roods, who is indigenous of the Mutsun Ohlone, told the outlet this week that she has attended the “Unthanksgiving Day” celebration all her life.

“Thanksgiving is a time to honor truth in history. I want to be mad at the holiday, however it’s still rooted and founded in Indigenous practice of celebrating the harvest in the fall,” she said, adding “This is a colonialist and capitalist holiday, but it can still be a time to share space with family and the land.”



  1. The history of man is filled with atrocious acts of violence and not defending human rights what is the excuse for the planned control of the human race thru the Weather Doomsayers who must of forgot the Shara Desert was full of water! Maybe start with no pensions and the fact that politicians work for us not the other way around! KAP is another millionaire complaining of life issues as if there were some! Enough!

  2. So many good people would give anything to make the money he would have had if he were not such an unpatriotic citizen. Those people would kiss the American soil for such an opportunity and praise their rights. He is to dumb to realize his mistakes.

  3. The last thing my family needs is this U.N.-American looking out for me!
    Look at what he has done to African Americans! Sorry idiot take your friggin ass back to where you come from.
    Because we have fought and died for this country and you are completely wrong. Why don’t you spend some of that Nike money on the Reservation?
    We will not be buying your commie crap ?

  4. Dumbass Kaepernick is now a Native American, too? Is he related to the same tribe as Elizabeth Warren? Why is the press even covering him anymore?

  5. I kind of feel bad for Kaepernick for falling prey to the far lefts Dirty work.Its like the days I was in the military 70,71.Vietnam was at its peak.I was gun ho as a medic even though twice my orders were Red-lined.Today I look back and thank Jesus He didn’t see it fit for me to go.Yet we all were so ready to serve.We all were Brain washed.Actually that brain washing never left me.I would be ready tomorrow to serve at 68 years old if My Country needed me.Its brain washing.The people of Vietnam didn’t deserve us to go there and kill them.They didn’t come here to Our Country.We went there.Kaepernick shouldn’t kneel or knock Our Country.That’s Wrong yet I believe that he believes through Brain washing its the correct thing to do.God Bless Us All !!!!!

  6. I can’t believe that you are even printing anything about this ungrateful football player. He has had of life of privilege and wants us to take him seriously!? I honestly think his goal is to cause as much division in this country (where he had a chance to succeed and blew it) and he doesn’t care what topic it is. Shame he doesn’t just go away

  7. You are an idiot, your stupidity is only outdone by your ignorance. Thanksgiving was giving thanks to God! Take two knees and confess to Jesus you must be sincere!
    You are being played by the devil!

  8. There was a war and the Native American lost. They retain special rights that US Citizens do not have. Maybe he should remember that when Native Americans fought each other the victor took the captives and made them slaves.

    • He is a traitor to the United States! He should kiss our shoes – for allowing a bitter, ignorant, bully to earn a too good of a living! Let him serve in the armed forces! Bet he would not pass the test.

  9. Is there anything this guy doesn’t have a clue about ?? Instead of complaining all the time ,why doesn’t he take his millions (that he got under an Oppressive government that hates Blacks) and give it to “His People” that are downtrodden ? Or maybe go back to his “Motherland” and help those poor oppressed (by Black Governmenta) ?

  10. Kaepernick is an embarrassment to himself and his family. He is a disrespectful person and if he hates Our Great USA that much he needs to move to a country that has similar views. Good riddance – !!!

  11. So… you hate the USA for it’s Government hugh? The habe the character and self respect to Leave! Go to China or Russia! Find out what happens to you by disrespecting their Country’s Flags?! You would be begging “On you knees” also for the USA Government to Rescue your Disrespectful Whimpy Ass!!! YOU CHOSE THIS “CRAP” UPON YOURSELF! And with No Apologies Ever! Go to (Above listed countries…), and FIND OUT/LEARN WHY YOU LOVE AND RESPECT AMERICA!

  12. Well, since he is now a very well “financed” part of that invasion, he has options that the vast majority of us don’t. He could go back to Africa, wherein he is “indigenous”. He could go to an uninhabited island. He could pay to be included in a country that is inhabited by the original indigenous. Or … he could go for a 1-way swim in the ocean of his choice, and leave the “stolen” land that he has profited so keenly from. Hey Colin, show us how its done, within the bounds of what all of us are capable of.


  14. WTF are you talking about?. The ENTIRE country was stolen from the original
    native people. Don’t believe it? Maybe I shud “discover” your living room.
    His premise is totally accurate!

    • Hey Bud . . . maybe Kaep can find a place in his suitcase to take your ass along with his crappy disposition if and when he could find another country that would pout up with his BS. You two would probably make a cute couple!

    • Jerk ass joe… The country was not stolen, the Indians lost it because they could not win a war against rifles with bows and arrows. The white man had superior technology. We won. Perhaps they can get it back when they develop superior technology…? Good luck.

  15. Stop It you freaking morons! Stop trying to make another holiday into something it’s not. Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate what your FAMILY has, each other or accomplished. Not what the freak happened hundreds of years again! And name one country of size that hasn’t been overthrown, conquered or controlled by invaders! The American Indians fought with each other, moved into other Indian land, and they too didn’t just pop up, they moved into other indigenous peoples land!

  16. Here is a true work of hate that came from within. HE was adopted and given a good
    home and family. He got advantages the rest of us don’t get – and now all he can put forth is hate ! I’m surprised that he didn’t go back to the Garden of Eden and com-plain that the test was rigged. I agree that the American Indian was largely abused, but like slavery I wasn’t there – I didn’t partake in dither, and my and esters proudly came over as “white slaves” – indentured servants who put themselves into slavery for passage and a better life for their kids. K is a legend in his own tiny brain. He is just plain obnoxious anymore whining about this or that. Seems that he’s not starving. There was another quarterback who was discriminated against –
    not sure if he ever got paid for his last contract year – and you don’t see him going around whimpering. In fact, he got his act together and proceeded to be successful.
    Perhaps that isn’t hair on his head – maybe his hatred seeping through his thin skull. Have a nice Thanksgiving and a super holiday K and start counting your blessing for a change. But your act IS GETING OLD !

    • He is a traitor to the USA!
      An ignorant, bitter bully – should kiss the hands that feed him –
      I bet you he counts pass the test to serve in the Armed Forces. This is a leech, and the worst traitor!

  17. Why doesn’t Colon do something for his “people”-the minorities with all the millions he has bled out Nike and the NFL?? Nike is off my buying list. They make are a big hoax along with having their shoes made overseas. Colon and Obozo have done more to throw our law enforcement folks under the bus. Colon has always been about MOI.

  18. It is sad and pathetic to display the empty head that this over paid individual has and is stupidly willing to reveal to the country. He has a fools and untruthful history in his self centered head.

  19. It is sad and pathetic to display the empty head that this over paid individual has and willing to real to the country. He has a fools and untruthful history in his self centered head.

  20. I cant imagine any NFL team that would have any remote interest in this guy he brings way too much baggage with him, He would not be an asset but certainly would be a distraction.

    • I agree with you lins. He just screwed himself on having any chances with the NFL for one. He and his captain manager if thats what you want to call them changed the location of his tryouts without notifying the NFL and if I’m understanding it correctly only a few coaches turned up. Along with the media and Colin football buddies and at a high school Colin chose. This was not in the NFL contract they sent Colin. As of now no NFL team wants him. So now he needs attention again to stir up racial BS and keep bringing up the pass and to keep trying to divided us. I bet he celebrated Thanksgiving with friends. And I bet a lot of different races also celebrated Thanksgiving this year and every year in their own way and not because of the pass. If we keep going back we will never move forward. PEACE and LOVE!!!

    • nor can I imagine anyone supporting the communist in the NFL and claim to be pro-American. This place is full of hypocrites. No content, no character…just like Marxist Luther King

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