JUST IN: Top Democrat Sent to PRISON For Criminal Scheme. Your Response?

April 20, 2017 1:03 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – We are finally starting to see a crackdown on the political corruption that has plagued our great nation.

We always knew the Democrats were corrupt. A former liberal mayor has received 27 months in the slammer for $110,000 in bribes and other corrupt payments from real estate developers. (via United States)

Look out, Democrats. Your days of corruption are coming to an end. We look forward to seeing more liberals get arrested for their illegal actions.

We need to hold politicians to a higher standard their regular citizens. We charge them with the most important tasks; yet, they always find a way to screw up. We need more politicians like Donald Trump in office.

The mainstream media will not report on this story because it affects one of their own. It would be too damaging to show another case of corruption, but how do they always manage to hide the truth?

The media has become so good at lying that they are starting to believe their own lies. I sometimes question whether the media is deliberately lying or they just don’t know any better. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, the media needs to be held to accountable for their lies and corruption. We have had to deal with this for too long. We need real journalists.

The media does not care about the facts; they only care about their feelings. They don’t want to trigger their viewers into uncomfortable emotions that will require a safe space with crayons and drawing paper.

Corruption is so common among Democrats that it is almost part of their policy agenda. They don’t really believe in democracy. They would rather have an authoritarian ruler.

Thankfully, Trump and his great team of lawyers are here to serve justice on these corrupt Democrats. How many more will there be? Former president Obama got away with practically murder, and the Clinton family probably did get away with murder, but they still walk free. This is just the world we have come to live in. Politicians can get away with almost anything.

But, not anymore. Now they have to answer to Donald Trump. We should be grateful that we are seeing law and order restored to our great nation. Trump is going to make America great again!


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